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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Can't do this anymore

I can't do this anymore.  First she says it's over.  Then she lets him stay.  He blames her for every wrong 'though it isn't her fault but his.  He wants her to do everything for him.  He's supposed to find a job but he isn't looking.  He's supposed to go to counseling but he isn't.  He's supposed to find a residential halfway house but he isn't looking.  He's waiting for her to come back from a trip so she can do all that for him.  He's angry that she even took the trip even though she told him about it way in advance.  He says she planned it on purpose that she would leave the day after he got out.  He's probably drinking even though he isn't supposed to.  He's probably fishing on the 'net for sex.  He has until the 28th to get everything done but probably won't.  I can only hope the judge will throw the book at him and make him serve out the rest of his sentence.  He's poison only she doesn't see it.  She says she let him stay at the house after he got out because otherwise he would be homeless.  Let him call his "friends" and stay with them.  Oh, that's right, they aren't returning his calls.  Gee, I wonder why.  She says that after the 15 days are up he's going to have to leave.  I can only pray that she stands firm on it, otherwise a choice will have to be made.  I just wish he would disappear from her life.
Okay, the rant is over.....temporarily.  I'm going away for a week to enjoy the company of friends and learn some new quilting stuff.  Then two more weeks and I get to spend a week with my sister in FL. After that I'm home for the summer.  Maybe I can take my frustrations out in the garden.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Van is moving

My daughter's van has finally reached the end of it's road.  Repairs are no longer feasible or affordable so.....tomorrow she is bringing it up here and parking it and taking my van home.  I'm giving her the title and have advised her that she'd best take good care of it 'cause that is the only vehicle she'll have for some time.  I had a new engine put in it (cheaper than buying a new vehicle).  They don't make Astro vans anymore #@*&%$.  She needs a vehicle that will tow her cargo trailer to the various events she goes to.  The Astro van has been the best investment I've made in the way of vehicles.  People who own them will keep them until forever if they can.  I think the reason they're so good is that the body is built on a truck chassis.
You may wonder why I'm doing this.  No, I'm not rich.  My daughter is unable to work out in the normal world as she suffers from depression, mild acrophobia, agoraphobia, lives alone with two children, and has been denied by Social Security.  I could go on but I won't, I've revealed too much as it is.  Suffice it to say that she depends on me.  No, I don't want her living with me.  I prefer my solitary surroundings and quiet.  I love the kids but they'd drive me nuts.
I kind of hate to give up the van but don't use it much anymore anyway.  It has about 290+ miles on it and still runs like a dream.  I replaced the engine because that way it will run like "new" and I couldn't afford a new vehicle.  Also the repairs on the old engine would have mounted up considerably.  Further, it has a tow package which daughter needs.
K is quite attached to "Rosie" (her van) and wants to let her kids play in it, camp in it, maybe make a planter out of it.  We'll see.  I don't relish the idea of a vehicle rusting out in my yard.  It may take some time but I will convince her that "Rosie" needs to go to the junk yard.
You may not understand but it is what it is.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

My daughter

My daughter is coming up today.  We're working on a quilting project together. 17 years ago we did what is known as a shop hop.  This is where one visits quilt shops in the surrounding area.  That year every shop we went to had a different step of making a quilt.  You had to go to all the shops to get all the steps and find out what the quilt turned out to be.....mystery quilt, you see.  We visited all the shops and got all the instructions.  We followed the instructions together and made our quilts together (this was before kids came into the picture).  We both kept the instructions so we've decided to do it again, only this time with different colors.  She does her cutting at home then comes up here to sew.  This gives us some time together which is precious to me.  Her son is old enough to watch his sister for the time mom is here.  We both miss time together.  Maybe when the youngest is old enough to care for herself, mom and I can spend more time together.  Hopefully I'll be able to figure out how to get pictures on here to show you when we're done.
Y'all have a glorious day and remember:  life is too short...it only has four letters.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Enough, already!

It's been colder than usual here in North Georgia.  But then we get teased when it warms up into the 50's and 60's.  Then it goes into the teens again at night, barely breaking 32 during the day.  The flu is running rampant.  Knock on wood I haven't been hit with it.  I DID NOT get the flu shot and the news is that it really hasn't done much for those who did.  My way of not getting sick is to avoid places where there is a crowd of people, like Walmart.  I went to the drug store to get my favorite homeopathic medicine just in case but they were out.  Might get some today if it came in.  I have some at home already but want to stock up on more.  At any rate, needless to say I'm over this fickle weather.  My sinuses are going crazy and I'm keeping those allergy medication companies in business.  This is the first time I've had this kind of problem in the winter.  I'm over it!
Well, at least the sun is shining and it's supposed to get up into the mid 50's today.  A few days from now it's going to be cold again.  Vitamin C is my best friend along with the wonderful oranges my brother had sent.  Keeping my fingers crossed I don't get sick.
Hope y'all stay healthy in this weird winter weather.
P.S.  My daughter buried one of her cats here the other day.  I now have 5 buried here.  Think I should get hold of Stephen King and let him know I have a pet cemetery?

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Whither the weather...

Dear  Mother Nature,
I appreciate all the hard work you have to do, really I do.  I know it's difficult to please everyone and sometimes you get ticked off and let us know you are really in charge by giving us hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and such but I have a favor to ask.  Lately, where I live, it's been cold then temperate then really cold again.  I don't mind the cold.  I can deal with it.  But when the temperatures jump back and forth?  Well...needless to say it's been a bit trying.  One doesn't know how to properly clothe oneself.  As much as possible I avoid places that have large numbers of people, such as Walmart because that's where most of the cold and flu bug germs are.  So far this winter I have avoided catching anything.  I hope it stays that way.  I'm becoming a hermit, only going out when I absolutely have to and the makers of Vitamin C adore me.  Also, I've never had allergies before at this time of year but, with the changes in temperature going on, the makers of kleenex and sinus medications are loving me too. Thank you for your consideration.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Heat pumps

To me heat pumps are useless.  Once the outside temperature gets to freezing or below the heat pump can't keep up.  It's in the teens outside and, although I have the thermostat set at 70, it's 65 here in the house.  The heat pump has not quit.  Happily the emergency strips have not engaged otherwise my bill would be twice what it's going to be.  I was going to to have gas heat when I had the house built but, because I thought my daughter was going to live with me and she's afraid of gas, I went with electric.  Coulda, shoulda.  I sit here with cold hands trying to stay warm.  At least the sun is shining so it's warm in the sunbeams coming into the house.  This keeps up I'm lighting a fire in the fireplace.
I'm told that heat pumps take the heat out of the air.  What heat?!  Where is the heat in 17 degrees?  Believe me, the air coming out of the vents is NOT warm.  Maybe warmer than outside but...  If it weren't so costly I would have gas heat installed.  Meanwhile I'll just hunker down and dress warm.
Y'all have a good day and remember....just because it's on the internet doesn't mean you can believe it.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Too little time

The older I get the faster time seems to slip by.  This year has flown.  Next year may seem to go faster.  There are so many things I want to get done but don't seem to have the time to do them.  I have a hard time setting priorities so there are times when I feel like I'm behind the 8 ball.  When in college I always waited until the last minute to do term papers.  Strangely, those were the ones that got the better grades.  The ones I did in a timely manner sucked.
I've set goals for this weekend.  Decorations will be coming down.  I'll be putting the Christmas tree outside for the birds so I'm making extra popcorn for it.  There's cleaning up to do.  Sewing to do for an upcoming event.  Knitted projects to finish.  Guess I'll just have to take one thing at a time and not get frustrated.  I know it'll all be done eventually.  Now to just get to it.
Y'all be safe this weekend and may 2018 be a better year for you and yours.  Blessed be.