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Saturday, July 2, 2016

The day the well went dry

I think I mentioned this before but....

It has been very hot and dry here.  A friend and I planted a garden.  Said garden is flourishing because it was well watered (no pun intended).  There is also a path going down to an arbor and along both sides are various flowering plants along with some elephant ears and other stuff whose names escape me at the moment.  Anyway, my friend D has been absolutely amazing in tending both, especially when I couldn't.  Since we have not had much rain I decided to get a sprinkler for the flowers, etc.  The vegetable garden is watered with a soaker hose and regular hose.  At any rate, we hadn't had any rain in a couple of weeks so D put out the sprinkler and started watering the flower beds.  When she came in to wash her hands she turned on the water and....nothing.  Uh oh.  The well had gone dry, so to speak.  This is not the first time.  It happened once before about 20 years ago when my son came up with some friends.  Apparently none of them were aware of the fact that my water comes from a well so the water flowed....until it didn't.  My son called in a panic.  Luckily I knew what to do so I told him to go to the basement and trip the circuit breaker for the well, leave it for about 30-45 minutes the turn it back on.  That worked.  It worked this time, too.  Now I am trying to be careful about water use.  Not that easy when you've become comfortable with free flowing water.  I can't afford another well to be drilled.  The gardens may have to suffer a little but I don't want to run out of water again.  The veggies are still doing well, especially those in the straw bales.
I'm thinking about bringing out my rain rattle.

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HermitJim said...

Doing a little rain dance certainly couldn't hurt. Never know what will help, under these circumstances, that's for sure!

I'm glad you are having good luck with the veggies for now, though.