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Friday, December 29, 2017


'Tis a bit chilly here in North Georgia.  Only in the 20's this morning.  At least the sun is coming up to warm things up a bit.  Cold gray days are depressing to say the least.  The weather here has been a bit strange.  First it was warm, now it's cold, then it's supposed to get warmer again within the week.  Not good for sinuses.  I'm told I have allergies.  Hmmmph.  It's this stupid weather that can't make up it's mind.  I don't mind going out so long as I don't have to stay out.  I do have lots to do inside.  Sewing is at the top of the list at the moment but I also have to take down all the holiday stuff.  The birds and squirrels will be happy when I put out the tree as there is a nice cranberry/popcorn garland on it.  I may even add more.  I also purchased a nice big bird feeder that is, at least, semi weather proof.  Trying to clean a bird feeder with soggy seeds in it is a big pain.  Because the squirrels have figured out how to unscrew the top of one of the feeders I have out I bought a carabiner so that, although the feeder will twirl, the top won't unscrew.  Should be interesting to watch.  While I'm not fond of tree rats, I mean squirrels, they have to eat too, I guess and the population seems to have exploded this year.
Y'all have a safe New Year.  I'm staying home and will probably be in bed asleep before the midnight hour.  Too many drunks on the road.  I do wish you all good health and peace.  Blessed be.

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