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Saturday, August 30, 2014

A Rant

Okay boys and girls......here goes.  We're sending money to countries that want to annihilate us.  We need to quit sending it and start working on things here at home...like trying to balance the budget or maybe even ...GASP!!... helping those who are poverty stricken here instead of over there somewhere.  We need to bring our men and women soldiers home.  We cannot be the world's peace keepers.  The countries we're in have been fighting and killing each other for centuries.  They aren't about to stop because we're there.  We need to protect our own borders against unlawful entries. We need to send back all the unregistered "aliens" to their own countries.  It's too bad they can't make as much money but neither can our citizens if unlawfuls take the jobs.  The UN needs to move to France or some other place.  Especially since it would love to rule the world.  We need to close our borders to everyone.  We need to stop trying to inflict our mores and religion onto nations that are different than us.  ISIS want to annihilate us just because we think we have better rules (maybe we do but...) and also because we are a Christian nation.  I have to ask, though, why not the Vatican?   Why not the Catholics in Europe and Anglicans in England?  Where did the crusades originate from and what was it's purpose?  To annihilate the Muslims.  We are not better than everyone else.  We have corrupt politicians who get paid more than our military and who look out for no one but themselves.  We needlessly buy oil from countries that would like to see us go under even though we have enough raw material to make it unnecessary.  Those of us who were born in the late 30's and 40's had the best of times.  We are now headed in a downward spiral and I worry for the children brought into this world today.  Would that our representatives actually listened to us.
I'd say more but the thoughts are travelling at light speed in my head and I can't get them down fast enough.  All of this is only my opinion which, as of this moment, I still have the right to express.  I can't help but wonder how long that will last.  If you don't agree with me that's fine.  If you want to leave a comment please, at least, be polite.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I'm back from my visit with my friend in TN.  When my daughter and I went up she was in rough shape.  What a change!  When I went this time she was no longer looking like she wouldn't last a month.  Her color was back, she was up and around, even though she had a nasal cannula for oxygen (the tubing for which is EXTRA long so she can get almost everywhere in the house).  The reason for the change, her husband was no longer in the house.  You see, her husband no longer has any memory.  He can't remember, literally, from one minute to the next.  My friend was getting totally worn out trying to keep tabs on what he was up to every minute.  He would try to sneak out to the garage and get in the car and leave.  His daughter would have to go after him and take the keys away that he somehow found.  Luckily they were able to find a good assisted living place for him and he is very happy there.  He has moments (literally) of lucidity but not too often.  Anyway, with the stress gone, my friend has rallied....at least for a while.  My visit was, therefore, a restful one as usual.  We enjoyed one another's company, didn't make any plans to do anything, watched a couple of movies I took with me (The Lone Ranger is a hoot).  We sat out on the lanai and watched the birds while enjoying breakfast.  It was peaceful.  I plan to go back in October with the hope that she is as strong then as she is now.  She is one amazing woman.