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Saturday, December 31, 2016

The New Year

A new year is coming and I'm not going to be a gloomy Gus about it.  It will be what it will be.  I plan on getting projects done that have been sitting around, traveling, gardening and generally enjoying the fact that I'm still here.  I like my little corner of the world and plan on liking it for a while longer.  I don't expect everything to be hunky-dory, it never is.  What I can do is keep on keeping on and keep my eyes open instead of burying my head in the sand like so many others.  Nor do I need to have a "safe" place like so many do.  I am what I am and that's all that I am said Popeye.  Me, too.
Have a Happy New Year and don't drink and drive.  👍

Thursday, December 29, 2016

A great day.

Yesterday was a mother/daughter day.  Something we don't get much of.  Our friend A watched the Sprout.  We left a little after 9, ran an errand, got some fuel and were on our way.  I mentioned that there was a quilt shop I wanted to visit....they were closed.  I'm going to call them and see if they will honor a coupon I have that said it was good until the end of the year.  They'll be closed until the end of the year.  A disappointment.  So then we decided to go to Alexander's, a store I've heard about but never been.  It took a while to find as it is in the middle of nowhere.  Thank goodness for Google map and direction giving app on the phone.  When we stepped inside we were totally amazed.  This place is humongous!  It just keeps going and going.  You've never seen so many clothes in your life in one store.  Not just clothes, furniture and accessories too!  The store advertises that it has everything under the sun and it just about does.  To use a British term we were gobsmacked.  Did we make any purchases?  Why yes, yes we did.  Two small matching purses for our trip (hers blue, mine red), a blouse for me, a medium sized shoulder purse for her (which is amazing since she hasn't carried one for almost 20 years).  She mentioned that her chiropractor would be happy now that she doesn't carry everything in her pockets.  And a pair of blue (of course) rain boots for her.  Most everything is reasonably priced.  I will be going back and taking friends with me.  Just hope I can find it again :).  On our way to the store we passed an interesting sign for a pharmacy where you could get your meds refilled and stock up on ammo at the same time.
We then came back home after stopping at the gallery to see what's new.  All in all a really nice day.  I hope we can have more of them in the future.  I'm really looking forward to our trip in February.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Fog and Damp

It's been a bit foggy and very damp outside.  Good weather for either sleeping or sewing.  I've been doing both.  I'll be going on a quilt retreat at the end of February and I decided to take only hand work.  Just don't feel like lugging my machine.  Besides, this way I'll get a bunch of stuff finished!  Tomorrow, however, my daughter and I are having a mother/daughter day.  A friend of ours will be watching the Sprout for us as we go explore unknown territory that has a quilt shop.  Grandson is with his dad for the week so A will have her hands full with Sprout.  Usually Buddy can go outside and play with her.  One of the things we're going to explore is a quilt shop (go figure) in Blairsville.  I've never been there before and hope to see if it has some different fabric that those I usually go to.  There's also a department store that people have told me about.  Who knows, we might find something new to wear there.
The rest of the week I'll be sewing or knitting, maybe cleaning (!?) a bit.  New Year's eve will find me at home.  I'm usually in bed well before the new year is rung in.  I don't like crowds and no longer find it necessary to drink excessively just because one year has ended and another begun.  If you celebrate please do so responsibly.
Y'all have a scrumptious day and remember:  normal is just a setting on a dryer.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

I'm back

Well, I'm back from my trip but don't have any pictures in the computer yet.  It was an interesting trip.  My main complaint, though, is that the cabins are way too small for two people who don't sleep in the same bed.  It was difficult to maneuver  around and, since we were on the bottom deck, the floors were quite cold.  If I ever take another river trip it will be in a cabin by myself. Can't say much for Heathrow Airport.  What a muckup it is.  The gates aren't announced until about 40 minutes before the flight so where do you park yourself if you have two or more hours to wait?  And if you are in the wrong spot you just may have to run to the right gate.  Luckily I chose to bite the bullet and go business class.  At least I could wait in a comfortable lounge.  Still, with a lot of time in between flights......
The best part of the trip was when I got to help make a blown glass ornament.  When the gentleman asked for a volunteer no one put their hand up so I did.  I now have a lovely ornament to put on my tree.  He introduced me to Jaegermeister just before making the ornament.  To give me "strength" to blow glass.  I like it and now have a shot before I go to bed.
I'll fill you in on more later.  Right now I have to get ready for the solstice, which is on Wednesday.  the tree is up and the grandchildren decorated it after I put on the lights.  There's baking to do, etc.  HJ a package is on its way to you from K and me.  Hope you enjoy.
'til later...remember - all who wander are not lost.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Whether the weather

We had rain for two days.  Not solid but fairly steady.  And it was warm, almost 70!  Today it's colder again.  I'm hoping the rain reached Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge.  I also hope that they've caught who set the fires.  I'm wondering if that person or persons  will be charged with murder/homicide since people died as a result of the fires.  Apparently it didn't rain enough to put out the fires totally and there are still some hot spots.  More rain is supposed to be on the way next week.  Some acquaintances of mine live just outside Gatlinburg and had to evacuate.  The news so far is that their home made it through as did they.  After seeing some of the videos of the damage I hope recovery is possible for those who lost so much.  Driving through the Smokies will never be the same.  It's going to take a long time for the forest to recover.  I'll drive through some time in the coming summer on my way to a friend's and may weep at the charred remains of the forest.
On a happier note, I am going on a trip (again).  This time to the Christmas markets in Germany.  I've never been to Germany so it should be interesting.  It's one of those Viking river cruises.  My roommate has signed us up for all the excursions which I may or may not do all of.  I'm definitely taking warm clothing.  Hopefully I'll find some neat gifts to bring back for the family.  Definitely taking warm clothes!
Okay, need t get a move on and do something even if it's wrong.  Y'all have an interesting day and remember:  Even though you try to be nice person, sometimes the mouth doesn't cooperate.