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Monday, March 14, 2016

Last week

Last Wednesday I drove down to Gwinnett to help a friend unload a van for the Original Sewing and Quilting Expo.  We got there at 9:00 and the person whose van we were going to unload wasn't there yet so we helped unload another van.  Our person showed up so we proceeded to unload that van.  I don't think there was an inch of space that didn't have something in it.  There were a LOT of boxes and wooden crates full of stuff.  I helped until noon, had some lunch, then went to help the Expo crew with their set up.  At 5:00 it was quitting time for me.  I went to the hotel to meet with another friend with whom I was sharing a room.  She was volunteering also and taking classes.  The next two days I was a volunteer "Ambassador".  Which means I directed people to where they needed to go as well as checking in other volunteers.  Saturday my daughter came down and we did some shopping at the mall, had a nice lunch, the went shopping at the Expo.  I had already done some shopping so it was mostly for my daughter.  Happily she didn't spend much of my money :).  We manned our guild booth for a couple of hours, dismantled it and took it to my van.  Daughter went home and I went back in to the Expo to see if I had won anything in the drawing (I didn't).  Then came time for break down.  I helped the Expo folks until 7:00 then went to help my friend break down the booth she worked in.  Last year they were there until about 11:00 and finally had help from one of the Expo folk.  We were allowed to drive the vendor's van in to make it easier to load.  Between the two of us we packed and loaded the van by 9:00.  I know the venue breakdown crew were happy because it meant they got out of there faster.  Needless to say, my friend and I were exhausted and every muscle ached.  My feet were letting me know in no uncertain terms  that they were very unhappy.  Concrete floors are not kind to feet, especially if you have been on the for more than a day.  Yesterday I came home, unpacked, slept.  I still ache but am glad I was able to help a friend.  And we'll probably do it all again next year.  Happily, though, the vendor's husband is supposed to be there.  Isn't it amazing what a couple of women can do?  And we're both over ummmmm 40.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

My day

I'll be going down to my daughter's this afternoon to have dinner with her and a friend.  First, though, I'll stop at Lowe's and buy a number of bags of soil and compost to take to her so she can have her garden.  She plans to use the oh so many pots she has instead of putting the seeds in the ground.  That way will cut down on the weeds.  There is already trellis material up so that won't be a problem for the climbers.
This morning I will work on the quilt that she promised a generous donor (for the band's CD production).  She doesn't have the time (or the inclination?) or she thinks I'll do a better job.  I'll at least get a few rows done before I have to leave.
So, that's my day.  What are you doing?