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Saturday, May 28, 2016


Starting tomorrow I'll be at the Lapidary School in Young Harris taking a beading class.  I haven't done any serious bead work in a while so I'm going to give it a try again.  Don't know the instructor but, if she is teaching there, she is good.  All the instructors are volunteers.  They love what they do.  They have to, to teach for a week without being paid.  They do make some money by selling the necessary materials for what you are going to make.  I like this school.  It's in the mountains, it's peaceful, and the folks are friendly.   My friend A will be watching my kitties for me and hopefully D will come tend the vegetable garden at least a couple of days.  The beans are close, the tomatoes and peppers are slowly getting there, the melons are growing, the squash might make it if they're kept wet enough and there are a lot of radishes in the fridge.  I'll let you know how it goes.  Meanwhile, y'all have a safe Memorial Day.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Dear Future President

Dear Future President,
This immigration/emigration thing bothers me.  I have a few ideas I'd like to share  regarding policy for anyone wishing to get into and stay in this country.
1.  They must submit to a thorough background check.

2.  They must prove they have employment.

3.  They must prove they can support themselves for a minimum of 3 years. (I'd go for   five 5 but the liberals are probably screaming unfair at 3)

4.  They will learn English (which should be our national language.)  We should not have to learn another language.

5.  No person guilty of an aggregious felony will ever be considered.

6.  They must follow all of our laws, I don't care what they could get away with in their country.

7.  Should they break any of our laws they will be punished under our legal system
and, if still living at the end of their sentence, they will be deported.

Those are a few.  Given time I could probably come up with more.

Thanks for "listening".

Anyone out there have any other ideas?

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Didn't know I have it.  After watching granddaughter while daughter was getting a root canal daughter insisted I go to the doctor to get checked out.  I've been feeling under the weather for almost a month and attributed it to pollen/allergies (which I've never had before but this year has been the worst for pollen). Nagging cough, headache, etc. .
So I went and, come to find out, I have strep throat.  Surprise!  You see, I never go to the doctor unless it's REALLY bad or it's time for my 3 month check up.  So now I'm on two more medications for a while.  Still waiting for the results of the chest X-ray.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Yearly health check.

Haven't felt 100% these past few weeks.  I'm tired and, on some days, all I want to do is sleep.  I'm trying to hang on until my yearly physical which is next month.  Being a diabetic I need to keep my A1c within a certain range.  I've also lost weight and have a nagging cough that won't go away.  At first I thought it might be allergies since the pollen count has been pretty much off the charts this year.  And my nose has be quite the runner.  Yesterday I went to the drug store and bought an A1c kit and will test today.  It's usually done every three months but it's been 2 1/2 so it's close enough.  Guess the most troubling thing is the weight loss. By the way, A1c checks blood sugar levels over a 3 month period.  The good range is between 5-7.  If, when I test, the numbers are not good, I'll make an appointment to see the doc before my yearly check up.  Other than that things are good.  The garden has started producing.  Radishes, peas, Swiss chard have already yielded enough to harvest.  Everything else is growing well.  Hopefully this batch of squash will make it and I'm looking forward to the melons.
Y'all have a good day.

Sunday, May 15, 2016


Haven't written anything 'cause there wasn't much to say.  A friend and I are trying straw bale gardening and have other garden beds as well.  It's fairly intense.  No weeding with the bales, but the other beds take some work.  And I've been trying to get the mulched areas in front of the house planted with flowers and herbs.  A lot of weeding has to be done there so mornings when it's cool have taken away 'puter time.  I can only be out there in the earlier hours.  Once the sun comes up over the trees to the East I get too warm.  Then there's the watering.  That takes up quite a bit of time.  Almost two hours.  Getting these things done isn't too hard when D is here, but when she can't come over it takes me a good while.  Not as young as I used to be and all that.  We now have some gorgeous radishes, swiss chard, beets and carrots and green beans and melons coming along nicely.  the tomatoes will take a while but there will be plenty of those.  Hopefully the squash will behave and grow.  I had to put more seeds in as the first batch was nibbled on by something and they weren't getting enough water.  This morning it's only 50 out there so I'd better get a move on and get some weeding done.  Y'all have a perfect day.