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Wednesday, June 6, 2018


I am not supposed to be in the sun for a long period of time thanks to one of my meds.  Therefore, I got up just at sunrise this morning to plant some of the plants I bought Saturday.  I was just finishing the last one when the sun came up over the trees.  Whew!  I hate it the tI can't stay out and get the weeding done.  They're winning!  I may have found a solution, though.  I spoke to the gentleman who owns the vegetable stand at the end of the road and he informed me that his helper might be able to come after work and help me.  I'll have to speak to him about it.  Even if it's only for an hour a day the garden might start looking like it should.  Otherwise it's going to be up to me to get my butt out of bed before the sun comes up.  Such it is if one want to have a garden.
Y'all have a glorious day.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

The sun

After many, many days of rain the sun is finally shining.  Perhaps I will be able to get out and get some weeding done, at least until the sun comes up over the trees.  While happy to see it (and believe me I am) I'm not happy about how hot it's supposed to get.  Because of a certain medication I have to take I'm not supposed to be in the sun for long.  But there's so much work to catch up on!  I've found that if I don't take that medication in the morning but wait and do some yard work first, I don't get sick.  That being said, it's time to get my butt out there to tackle some weeds.  Oh, and the Grand Canyon that the rain put in my driveway.  Although I may wait until after the rain that's supposed to come tomorrow.
Y'all have a great day and remember:  fasten your seat belts...it makes it harder for aliens to suck you out of your vehicle.