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Thursday, December 31, 2009

I was going to post something this morning about how great it was to see the snow on the ground and how disappointing it was that it was then raining, washing the snow away......but....the computer decided for whatever reason that it didn't want me to post. In fact it didn't want me to stay on the internet. So I had to sign off and resign myself to waiting until this afternoon to try again because, since it is Thursday, it was my day to be at the gallery and I had to get a shower, etc., etc.
It's been a gray day with off and on showers. And fog. Good thing I'm not going anywhere tonight. Full moon, wet roads that could become icy, people drinking....not a good combo. Soooo I'll curl up here at home and probably be in bed well before the new year gets here. But I'll be warm and dry and content. Perhaps watch a movie.
To those of you who are going partying, please have a designated (sober) driver and be safe.
May the new year bring you happiness, health and wishes granted. Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I didn't sleep well last night. My back was giving me fits for whatever reason and I just couldn't get comfortable. Of course I woke up in the MIDDLE of the night and tossed and turned and somehow found a position comfortable enough to let me go to sleep after being awake for over an hour and a half. Thank goodness for my chair back massager. The best investment I ever made. I can sit here at my computer and choose upper, lower, or full back and get a nice massage while typing away. It's on full back right now. I may never leave this chair again.

This year is coming to a close. It seems to have flown by. It is said that the older you get the faster time goes by. I didn't believe it until it started doing just that (except when you are in the waiting room of the doctor's office). Perhaps it's a good thing with the world situation what it is. The faster time goes the faster those who have perpetrated this mess may be gone. I'll be glad when the present regime is gone. Maybe then we can get back to sanity.

I've begun to read Atlas Shrugged for the third or fourth time. If you have read it you'll know what I mean when I say we're headed in that direction. If you haven't read it you should. Just know that when it was written there were no computers, or cell phones, etc.

I wonder....do the people understand just where the bailout and incentive monies are coming from?

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hooray!....my eyes are in great shape and I'm told I shouldn't have to worry about cataracts for another 5 or 10 years (I have the very beginnings of them on both eyes). So I get to go another year without worry. My vision is still 20/20 and, although I have some astigmatism in my right eye, its minor. Not bad for a broad my age (which I'm not telling).
Because my eyes were dilated I didn't get much done yesterday afternoon except some knitting. Nothing which would make me re-focus quickly. Something that is difficult to do when your eyes are chemically dilated by the eye doctor. One time they were dilated so bad I had to go home from work because I couldn't focus. I ended up with the curtains drawn and slept for over 12 hours. Needless to say I became cautious about having that done again, but the Dr. I go to uses a different chemical that doesn't have such an effect.
I did get some of the holiday stuff put back in boxes and plan to finish it up today. Then it's on to getting the stuff off the back porch and back in place while sifting through it to see if there's anything that I no longer want or need (yarn excepted...one can never have too much yarn....or fabric). I'm in the mood to get rid of that which I no longer want or need or haven't used in a gazillion years. I have too much stuff! I need to organize! Maybe then I'll be able to find things when I look for them. It's going to take a good while to accomplish because just thinking about it is daunting. One area at a time, girl. That's what I have to tell myself.....one area at a time. And isn't amazing what you come across that you don't remember you had?
I'm off to...........

Monday, December 28, 2009

Another gorgeous day. If it were warmer I'd be outside working in the yard. If it gets warmer I just may do that. I'll have to keep an eye on the time 'cause I have an appointment to get my eyes examined early this afternoon. Don't know what's going on but whenever I do close work (sewing, knitting, computer stuff) for a bit, my left eye seems to want to give me a second edge on everything. Kinda throws my vision off. Could be I need stronger lenses. We'll see. I'm at that age, ya know?
Have begun dismantling holiday decorations. Doing a little bit at a time since it means trips up and down the stairs to the basement. Yeah, I know, it's good exercise. And I really don't mind it. I'll be glad to be finished, though.
Would appreciate it very much if our government would start looking out for us, instead of themselves. I really think there ought to be term limits for senators and reps just like there is for president and governors. Do you think they might listen to what their constituents think and want more closely? Hmmmmm, guess not. Maybe if they had to have the same health insurance and social security as us "ordinary" citizens they might rethink some things. As it is I know they have forgotten that serving in the government is an honor not a career. When their terms are finished they should have to go back home and work, just like the rest of us. And pay taxes, just like the rest of us. Wish they could see past their pockets. and while they're at it, get rid of the PACs and vote for the Fair Tax (which would, if they learned more about it, bring in more money).
'nuf said for today.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's beginning to look like a beautiful day. A bit chilly, though. A good day to get some of the holiday trappings put away and order restored. I began to restore order a little bit in the basement the other day. It's a challenge. Somehow things just began to pile up here and there. Before you know it it's a great big mess and you can't find anything. Then there's the back porch where I put everything I needed to get out of the way for the holiday in order to decorate my mantel and clean out the library so my grandson could have a place to sleep. If I can get some order restored today it just might give me the incentive to keep going and who knows where that would lead? Good grief....an orderly house! What a concept. But I don't think it's going to happen. Too much gets in the way. And I have projects to finish.
Last night I did my online check-in for the cruise in February (which I am very much looking forward to). A simple process. Can't wait to get out of here for a while. Am hoping the next month goes by quickly. I'm looking forward to warmth and lots of sunshine.
And now it's off to tackle disorder.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

'Tis the day after Christmas, and the main headline on the homepage was not nice. Once again, lack of proper security almost got a plane blown up. The heck with being PC, go ahead and profile, damn it. Personally I think we should close our borders for a while and not let anyone new in. And let's round up the illegals and send them packing while we're at it. Put the lazy jerks who are on welfare but in good physical condition to work doing the jobs the illegals are now doing.
I wonder what life in Belize or Costa Rica or some such (maybe my own island) would be like? But this is my country so I'm staying. And I'm not learning Spanish. Those who come here can learn American (which, by the way, I think should be declared our official language but the pc's in DC don't have the guts to make it so).
Guess you can tell I'm angry. Enough so that I really should stop now before I say something I'll really regret. Big brother, you know.
Have a thoughtful day.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate this day. May your day be filled with love and peace......and good food.........and family.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's Christmas eve and there are many children out there excited beyond belief because Santa is coming to leave them gifts. Parents are harried and wish it was all over. It will be all too quickly and then it's on to the next year. There'll be a mess to clean up, paper everywhere, toys too numerous to count spread out, and a certain small let down feeling now that it's all over. I'm going to have a quiet day by myself, doing what I want to do. I'll call family to wish them a Merry Christmas and thank them for their gifts.
May your Christmas be everything you hoped for and then some. I wish everyone joy and inner peace.
Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Another day, another dollar (I wish). Actually I have to spend money today. Getting the van serviced. It has over 160,000 miles on it and still runs like new. Gotta love it. Too bad GM doesn't make it any more. It's such a versatile vehicle. It tows like a champ and when I take out the rear seat, throw down an air mattress, it's great for camping. Don't know what I'll do when it finally gives out. My truck has over 200,000 miles on it (same brand as the van) so if I take good care of the van I should be able to keep it for quite a bit longer (especially if I don't put 30k+ miles a year on it). Why is it that every time I find something I really like, it doesn't get made any more? This doesn't apply to just vehicles, oh no. Shampoo, clothing, bath stuff, etc. Guess maybe it's because I don't shop for stuff like that often enough.
Gotta go...much to do before going to the dealer. (Car dealer, that is.)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It was a tiring day, but a wonderful one with family and a nice bonfire. Even had fire department personnel here for a while to make sure nothing but the pile burned. Actually it's still burning (a little). I plan to go out a little later to make sure it keeps going. There's still lots left to burn. About half the pile, actually. Daughter, Someone, the Evil Genius and I had a small ceremony before lighting the fire. It was stubborn and took a lot of work to get going. Everything was so packed and it had rained and rained. The pile has been there for a year so one would think that it would burn in no time, but no air getting to the flames was part of the problem.
Son came with his family and it was great to see the children. Grandson has grown a great deal. You'd never know he was so small when he was born (1lb. 11oz). He'll be 2 in February. He had a good time playing with a wooden train that I had bought for the Evil Genius to play with while he's here (he still plays with it and he'll be 7 in Jan.) The girls have grown also, of course, and are quite smart (they are home schooled).
Son lamented that all the goldfish in his pond were now gone thanks to a blue heron. Apparently they were getting quite large. He's going to work on coming up with some type of barrier to put over the pond in the winter so birds can't get to the new fish he'll be putting in. The only reason the heron was successful apparently is because it has been cold and the dogs have been in the house instead of outside as usual.
Back to yesterday.....we all had a good time playing with the fire and keeping it going. There were a lot of snacks to be had and dinner was shepherds pie and pineapple upside down cake. The Evil Genius chose not to partake of either so he ate his mom's homemade bread (which was wonderful). Daughter took some leftovers home. I could not finish off all that was left, there was so much. I did freeze some of the pie for another time.
I look forward to seeing the pictures that daughter and Someone took. And there is some video of the fire to look forward to.
All in all a great day but I confess to being quite tired when everyone had gone. I slept well though.
Have a good day.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The cleaning is done (except for one bathroom) as is the laundry. I was able to hunt up an appropriate tablecloth for our holiday table. Yay Big Lots. Today is cooking day. Shepherd's pie and pineapple upsidedown cake. That way I don't have to spend the day tomorrow in the kitchen but can enjoy the family instead. And the bonfire (I'm praying the weather cooperates). We may just have to make the bonfire another tradition. I like that idea. And it won't be hard to build a burn pile, what with all the trimming and thinning that needs to be done (another reason to stay home more next year).
I'll be happy to have my children and grandchildren here. Maybe daughter or her Someone can sneak a picture of the children. What I'd really like to do is get everyone together for a family photo. Don't think it will happen though since daughter-in-law doesn't want pictures taken of the children. Don't ask my why 'cause I haven't a clue. I'm going to try to have it happen even so.
I probably won't be posting tomorrow. The next day, we'll see as daughter and hers may still be here. In the meantime....Happy Solstice y'all.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Another cleaning day and the last of the laundry to do. Then I can breathe, briefly, before family arrives. The Winter Solstice is almost upon us and I am anxious for the return of the sun. I am definitely NOT a winter person. Once it gets dark I don't want to leave the house. I want to stay where it is warm and there is light. Must be my ancestors coming through.
No rain today, I hope. The sky is mostly clear and there is quite a breeze blowing....drying things out perhaps. We did get a goodly amount of rain yesterday. I still have standing water in the driveway.
Last night I finished my first shawl. Hooray! Now on to the second one. I don't plan on finishing the second one in time, I have too many other things to accomplish by the end of January, but if I do I'll be able to give them to those I intend them for on the cruise. Otherwise they will have to wait until the end of August (Alaska here I come).

Friday, December 18, 2009

It's a good day for cleaning. The sky is grey (gray), it's been raining and the house needs cleaning! I'll start upstairs and work my way down. Should only take me a couple of days to get it where I'm satisfied. I have laundry to do as well.
Humdrum life, you say? Yup and, for the most part, I like it that way. Family is arriving day after tomorrow so it will be lively around here for a couple of days at least. And if...I mean when...we have the bonfire I'll see if daughter can take some pictures to post.
In the meantime y'all have a pleasant one.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Today is gallery day and we are celebrating two birthdays. I made gluten free toll house cookies (yummy, if I do say so myself) instead of a cake since two of our members are celiacs and I'd hate for them not to be able to enjoy goodies. Especially since one of the birthday girls is gluten intolerant (celiac). We love to celebrate each others' birthdays. It happens almost every month. It's fun.
After that is off to knit group where we will be having some Christmas cheer and, since Jan is being generous with discounts, shopping for yarn, or needles, or whatever......maybe. I swear I have enough knitting needles to never have to quit knitting even if I have them all occupied at a time (which is impossible, of course). I have just about every size and length. Even double pointed ones.
So it's going to be a fun day. That's good, because tomorrow is serious cleaning day.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I have a love/hate relationship with my computer. For the second day in a row it has decided it doesn't like what I'm trying to email so it has shut down without warning. Email lost. These were some that I was trying to forward. Even checking to see if they were in the recently deleted file....nope....lost.....gone forever. Sigh. Remember when there were no computers? One actually took pen to paper to write a friend or loved one. I still prefer to get a letter in the mail rather that an email or ecard. Every once in a while I'll send a friend a card to let her know I'm thinking of her. Much better than an ecard and what a pleasure to get something in the mail other than junk and bills!
I do most of my computer stuff in the morning while eating breakfast and enjoying my coffee. There's too much to do during the day to use the time in the ether world. Some days I don't get on the computer at all. I wonder what would happen if all the satellites suddenly quit working? I remember one day at Sears when I tried to make a purchase and they couldn't run it because their electronic registers were down and they didn't have a hand operated register. Hopefully it never happens, but it could, and then where would the commercial world be. I'd be willing to bet that none of them have given thought to manual backup. And all that information lost!
I am grateful to be able to look up all kinds of stuff that I might not otherwise have access to if it weren't for the internet. And being able to order stuff online is totally awesome.
So I guess we'd better take advantage of the technology while we can.
Have a fantabulous day.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Today is our guild luncheon so I needs make haste in order to get the Waldorf salad made and myself cleaned up. Afterwards it's on to decorating the tree. I have a wonderful Charlie Brown tree. Had to do a little surgery on it as it didn't want to go into the stand. It isn't a large tree. I think it's just the right size. Maybe daughter can get a picture of it and post it at a later date.
I hope to do it proud.
Y'all have a fantabulous day.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Today is the day we (daughter and I) get our trees. I'm going to look for a small Charlie Brown tree. One that stands sadly alone, thinking it will never get picked. (Yes, I know that trees don't really think....at least I don't think they do). Daughter may let grandson pick out their tree, which could be interesting. Charlie Brown trees are a challange at times to decorate. But that's half the fun. It's been a few years since I've had a live tree. I saw no reason to have one if it was going to be only me here. The family is coming here this year, which is a wonderful change. Even my son and his family who haven't been here in years. Gods willing the weather will be right for the bonfire and I still have a yule log from the last tree to put on either the bonfire or the fire in the fireplace. My neighbor and I have been joking about marshmallows and party time. Hey, if the neighbors want to come enjoy the bonfire they are welcome to do so. I do have to contact the fire chief and see if they can come a little later in the morning so my grandson has time to open gifts and the adults can at least have coffee. We can wait to open gifts.
I read some interesting things on a blog I follow and so I posed this question in his comment section: Do you know the origin of the saying: "Sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite."? I do. I'll try to remember to check and see if anyone answers the question, tomorrow.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's raining.....again. I'd rather have snow thank you. A white Solstice would be awesome! Much to do again today. I actually did get some decorating done yesterday and the lights on the porch are now on! More cooking today and more wrapping and cleaning and.....
Tried to hook up the router I bought. Hmmmph.....simple instructions, but could I follow them? No. Arrrrrgh. Guess I'll have to wait until someone who is computer intelligent happens by. My daughter thinks the router doesn't have to be hooked up to the computer. Guess what the instructions say.......yup. See the router is for computers OTHER than the one who is hooked up to the internet. That's my guess anyway. Hmmmm....a lot of guesses this morning. Guess I'll get a move on.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

What is it with some people? Why do they think it's okay to throw their trash out of the car window? Do they throw trash out into their yards? (Well, some do, but they aren't who I'm talking about here.) I see all kinds of detritus by the side of the road every time I venture out. I've seen empty six packs, used "disposable" diapers, McDonald's bags with everything paper in them, beer cans, soda cans, you name it I think I've seen it. My grandparents never littered. My parents never littered. I don't litter and I (hopefully) taught my kids not to litter. It seems that ever since "disposable" items came into being our roadsides became dumps. Just how much effort does it take to take your trash home and dispose of it there? Keep a trash bag (or small wastebasket) in your vehicle and when it's full take it in the house and dispose of it!
It is truly sad to see all that garbage in amongst the wildflowers in the center median in the spring and summer. It's especially disheartening to see chopped up trash after the mowers have gone through on the sides of the road.
Okay, if you have eaten an apple and want to get rid of the core, that will be disposed of by Mother Nature's creatures. They cannot, however, eat used "disposable" diapers! Or cans! Or bottles! You get my drift.
Refrain, for once at least, from disposing of your trash out the window and let's see if we can clean up our roadsides.
Thank you and good day.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Another day in blogopolis. I got home late and got up fairly early 'cause there is sooooo much to do today. Must get packages wrapped and in the mail. Must get meringues made and cards addressed. Pay bills (yuck), which seem never ending.
The sky looks iffy.....it could rain or snow. Right now it's cold enough to snow... wish it would. Oh yes, must finish getting lights up. Glad I have a whole weekend to get things done. No place I need to go except the UPS store. So much to do and so little time!
By the way....to those of you who do read my posts, whether by accident or on purpose, what I say is strictly me and my opinion. I don't know if you like it or not 'cause no one ever leaves a comment (sniff, sniff). I know people have been here. I have ways to tell heh, heh. So let me know you've been here so I can come visit you.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Uh oh...it seems I have stepped on some toes. I was informed that someone read my blog on a particular community and didn't like my description of the residents, etc. therein. Should I apologize for stating my opinion? I think not. We do, after all, still live in a free country.....I hope. I do apologize to the lady who headed up the event there. It was NOT her fault. She was only responsible for setting up the event. And a darn good job she did, too. So, to those of you at corporate Del Webb.....get over it. And don't blame anyone in particular for MY opinion, except me.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Well, we didn't get run over by hordes of shoppers whilst getting our last minute (sort of) kid-free shopping done yesterday. Thought we were going to buy out the evil empire (we did have a shopping cart full, but not of gifts!). Today is cinnamon meringue day as well as unloading the van and writing and addressing cards to send out. Must get some wrapping done. And packages ready to mail to out of town family. And start decorating the house for when folks come here for solstice. Lots to do and feel a time crunch coming on. Guess I'd better get a move on.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Hooray for me! Another batch of meringues done yesterday morning. While waiting for them to bake, some knitting was accomplished. Then it was off to the gallery to return the display items used on Saturday, as well as putting what I didn't sell on display there. My daughter and her best friend were being creative when I met them there. And there was a nice reception by Donna Voll and her mom to celebrate their exhibit in the Heritage Room.
Today is Dr. day, one for the back, the other for the feet. And I need to order my usual Christmas flowers to be sent. Then it's back home to start the BIG clean. Ordinarily I don't bother since it's usually only me here. I'm having family here this year so I need to get rid of all my clutter and at least dust and vacuum. Daughter is coming up to help since I helped her clean the Evil Genius' room.
Today is Pearl Harbor day, the day I got married and almost the same date I got divorced. My thanks to all those who fought. Your service is much appreciated and I don't think you hear it often enough. THANK YOU.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Had to get up before breakfast yesterday morning and go to the "Winterfest" at a place called The Village at Deaton's Creek. This is a community for folks aged 55 and older. Never in my life have I seen so many people try sooooo hard to let you know how much they love it there. I think something is put in the water once they move in. I didn't sell much....a couple of scarves and a card or two (I forget) of my daughter's hand made Christmas cards. The rest of the gang with me in the model home fared better, for which I am glad. Anyway, the folks who live in this place sport picture ID's. Can you imagine having to wear a picture ID in the community where you live? Yeeeesh. Talk about big brother. I mean....do they really think someone is going to jump a ditch or fence just to get in? You have to stop at the guard gate if you don't live there and your name has to be on the LIST to get in. The houses are on top of one another. Example....even though we were in a model home, eventually it will be sold to someone to live in. The office is to the right of the front door as you come in. There is a window facing the house next door in this office and this window gives one a perfect view of that home's bathroom!
Most of the traffic coming through was of people looking at the homes for possible future purchase. Don't know about you but I couldn't live in a place like that. And I'm always leary when someone can't say enough good about the place they live.
At any rate, it was a long day and I was looking forward to a good night's sleep when I got home. Was also hoping it would snow..... oh well, maybe another time.

Friday, December 4, 2009

I have a runny nose. Yuck! Must buy more Kleenex and place boxes thereof strategically around the house. Wish the weather would make up its mind so my sinuses would. It might be cold enough to snow which wouldn't hurt my feelings. Will make meringues today, come hell or high water. Must gather together everything for Winterfest tomorrow. OMG I have to get up sooooo early tomorrow morning. It's going to be a very long day as I won't be getting home until somewhat late. I plan to sleep in on Sunday.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The sky is clearing somewhat and it is nippy out there. Had to go out and shoot at 2 tree rats (squirrels) that were on my porch so that's how I know it's nippy. Don't know what those critters find interesting out there. I just know I don't like 'em around the house. Maybe they found a spot to hide nuts. Too bad I'm such a bad shot. But then, BB guns are not always that accurate. I do sting one now and then.
Going to the gallery today. Have errands to run first and time is fleeing. So much to do and so little time. Will be glad when next week comes with little on the calendar.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My daughter tells me that although I only have one follower (her) that doesn't mean I only have one visitor to my blog. You'd never know it since there is seldom, if ever, any comments made to what I write. 'course that might be because my life appears a bore.
For instance.....today, it's raining. I need to start making peppermint and cinnamon meringues. A rainy day is not the best time due to humidity and all. But I need to get started on them so I will make a batch or two today anyway and store them in an airtight container.
I have a shawl I'm trying to finish knitting asap so I can start on another. Thank the gods these are not for Yule or Christmas or I'd really be in a panic. They don't need to be done and blocked until the end of January. But wait....now I have to come up with a beginning block for a round robin our bee is doing for an auction. There are five of us and I got to be first, oh boy. So now I have to think of that as well as trying to come up with a block for the challenge for the cruise in February. And a friend is coming down for a week in January so I can "teach" her how to make jewelry. Yikes! Just thinking about all that has to be done is beginning to make my head spin. Aaaannnnddd...since there is so much to do...I'm gone for today.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's cold this morning. Only 30 degrees when I got up a little after 8:00. I knew it was cold before I even came downstairs. The frost was heavy on the grass and roof. And the heat pump tried it's best to keep up. Even though I have the thermostat set at 68 it still has a hard time. And this is the new one! If I ever build another house I'm getting dual heat. I'll see just how efficient the new heat pump is when I get my electric bill next month. I can't count this month 'cause it was just installed and hasn't been up and running for a full month. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this one will keep the bill a little lower. At least the basement will now be warm and I will be able to work down there comfortably.
Am going to a friend's house today for lunch and socializing with other members of our art bee group. Should be fun and it will be nice to see everyone.
Ex son-in-law is supposed to come pick up my truck so he can get the gigantic chairs out of daughter's living room. If he doesn't do it today, it better be by the end of next week or I'll help daughter put them out by the trash to be picked up. I'm tired of his excuses and hope he quits his shennanigans when it comes to having his son stay with him. Just because he doesn't feel 100% doesn't mean he can shirk his responsibility. When daughter is sick she still has to care for her son, cook, do laundry, etc. Why does he think he doesn't have to have son visit, just because his sinuses are acting up? He miraculously recovered enough to go out on a job yesterday. Enough of the venting. I'm off to have fun with friends.