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Monday, August 31, 2015


My sister flew in last Sunday and Monday we drove to NC to visit with my brother and sister-in-law.  What a visit.  They really went all out.  A ferry ride to Ft. Fisher to see the aquarium, a helicopter ride to view the area in which they live, a boat ride on the Cape Fear river to learn some history of the area (and a view of a battleship).  We drove back to my place on Friday and on Saturday I took her on a tour of where I live and also the town of Helen.  She couldn't believe the number of people tubing on the river.  I told her I wouldn't want to eat any fish that came out of it.  Alas, she had to fly home yesterday.  It was a wonderful time with family this last week and I look forward to the time she and I will spend together next year. 

Saturday, August 15, 2015


Twice now my computer has come up with a message that it cannot load.  Then you have the choice of letting it try to fix itself or start Windows normally.  I think it has something to do with updates not downloading properly.  The first time it couldn't fix anything but just kept running the 'fix' program.  Then I tried shutting it down, turning it back on, and highlighting "Start Windows Normally" and it worked.  Yesterday the same thing happened so I let the fixit program run for a while.  Nothing happened so I turned the computer off.  This morning it works.  Go figure.  It happened both times after it downloaded updates before shutting off the computer.  Wish Microsoft would get itself straightened out.  I may have to look into a Mac if this keeps up.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

When someone says he's going to do something for me I expect it to be done.  When he says he's going to do it. Right now my grass is so high I'm losing sight of my giraffe (just kidding).  It was supposed to get mowed on Saturday.  Then I get a call asking if it would be okay to mow it Monday.  I agreed and let him know that the check would be in the usual place because I wouldn't be home.  Then I get a call from his wife or mother (I'm not sure which because they both sound the same) asking if it would be okay to mow another day because he had to take child to school open house.  I said okay.  Got home Friday and still no mowing done.  So I called him yesterday and left a message telling him I'm going to find someone else.  I hate it when I can't rely on someone.  I was really trying to be tolerant because he has significant health problems and I know he could use the extra money.  However.....this was the second time the mowing was put on hold and when he and his family did mow the first time the clippings were everywhere in clumps.  Why can't people just admit they can't follow through?  Sigh.