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Sunday, May 31, 2020

Stop the world I want to get off

It's been, what, 70  days now?  Unrest is increasing around the world and here, in America, the death of a black American has set off riots in numerous cities.  Unfortunately it isn't just white businesses that are being destroyed but black as well.  The fact that the riots are happening simultaneously has me wondering about what, or who,  may be behind it all.  Looting is common during these events.  And it isn't just blacks who are rioting, looting, burning.  Whites are right there in the middle of it all.
It doesn't matter that the police responsible for the death have been fired and the one who was kneeling of the poor man's neck will face murder charges.  For some, that isn't enough.  Destroying people's businesses (some started with a life's savings) and burning a police station, rioting in the streets (seems too organized to me) just adds to the belief that all blacks are bad.  Well, there were whites in there too. I believe ALL lives matter.  The pictures and stories in the news are all about the destruction and yet, there are those who are out there (black and white) attempting to clean up what was destroyed but you don't see that on the news.  News is now all about sensationalism not impartiality.  I fear for our future if this kind of thing continues.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

When will it end.....or will it?

I'm beginning to think this pandemic is never ending.  Meanwhile someone is trying to make artificial meat.  Real meat supplies may decline, as well as all other fresh foods.  Some farmers are now selling directly to the public.  Others are having to let their crops rot.  It's crazy.  Don't know if any of you have seen the movie about soylent green (Charlton Heston and Edward G. Robinson) but it exists today.  Has for a few years now.  Supposedly it replaces every food you might need for good health.  It's been on the market for a while.  Don't believe me?  Look it up.
I've been trying to stay busy.  Not going out.  Am having minor outpatient surgery tomorrow and sort of looking forward to it.  Seeing new faces, getting the hell out of the house.  Daughter will be going with me but will have to wait in the waiting room with mask on.  She has to drive me home and will stay overnight with me just to make sure I'm okay.  I'll probably sleep.  I do a lot of sleeping these days.  Mornings I get things done.  Laundry, sewing, cleaning.  Afternoons I tend to sleep even though I've gotten a good night's sleep.
And if things weren't already crazy, the weather decided to get in the act.  These last two days have seen the temps drop into the 30's over night!  Glad I haven't put the plants out.  Something else I've noticed.  Every year we have geese, then goslings.  Haven't seen a one.  The hummers usually come around about this time.....nope.  I've put out nectar in hopes.  Hell, even the birds are quiet.
I have to admit I wouldn't want to bring a child into this world as it is today.  As shown by the public's reaction of grabbing as much toilet paper as possible, it's every man for himself and to hell with sharing with others.  Ours has become to most selfish society I've ever seen.  Thankfully I come from a different time.  Don't know how much longer I'll be around but I hope to see society turn around while I'm still here.  I don't mean everyone share and share alike.  That's socialism and it doesn't work.  And one has to be selfish to a certain extent, just not like I've seen.
I've quit watching the news. It's all about the pandemic and now local governments have people turning in people who aren't "obeying" the rules.  Um......has Hitler come back to life?  Do you make something up about a neighbor you don't like?  Scary is what it is.
Enough of the ranting.  Y'all have as good a day as possible.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

It's getting old

I've gotten some sewing projects done.  Now I'm out in the yard getting some weeding done.  Every weed I pull has a politician's name attached.  I'd still like to know how this virus spread so quickly, especially to people who weren't socially out there (such as nursing homes).
I'm in the category that is supposed to stay "sheltered at home" until some time in June.  While I do want to stay "safe", it is irksome.  Thankfully I have property on which I can walk about.  And yes, I am getting things done that might have waited much longer.  However, just because I'm getting things done and trying to stay somewhat active, I'm still bored.  The only time I'm not is when my daughter comes up.  I do miss seeing my friends.  I'm not technically savvy so visiting via the internet is beyond me.  I tried to be a part of a knit group via ZOOM but that was a failure.  Thankfully I have music which does lift my spirits some , particularly Celtic music.
I'm getting tired of Facebook and all the incorrect panic inducing posts from people who don't check facts before they post so I may stay away except for the two games I play.  Needless to say I will be very happy when all this is over.