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Friday, December 31, 2010

Ahhhh, New Year's eve approaches. A time for some people to party, get drunk and sometimes get killed or kill while driving that way. I really don't see what all the hooplah is about. It is merely changing the year on the date on the check you have to write to pay bills. I guess it's about the hope people have that the coming year will be better than the last. For those who think it will be....may you be right.
I'll be home tonight. I don't go out for fear of those who drive DUI. I'll probably watch a little TV and go to bed around 10:00. Yeah, I know, pitiful. At the moment I have nothing to celebrate and the same old, same old to look forward to in the future. A granddaughter will be arriving in late January and yes, I do look forward to that. I also look forward to the trip I'll be taking in February (it can't come too soon). Other than that, well.......
Y'all have a safe New Year's eve and remember: Everything is connected.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Except in itty bitty patches here and there the snow is gone. We're supposed to get rain today. I'll be going to the gallery for the last time. Will be doing some final book work and pulling my items to take over to the co-op. I'd like to go to the final New Year's day tea, but that's the day of my daughter's baby shower which is more important to me. It's going to seem strange to not be going to the gallery every Thursday. Instead I'll be going to the co-op which is much closer thankfully. With the price of gas these days that's a good thing.
My grandson's birthday is this coming Monday. My daughter is taking him to MickyD's so he can play with his friends. Sorry, sweetie, you'll have to go without me. It seems the older I get the less I like small children, especially in groups. I have a friend who has expressed the same sentiment so at least I'm not alone. I'll take his gifts down on Saturday when I pick up daughter to go to the shower.
Y'all have a momentous day and.....something to ponder......how do they get the Tootsie Roll into the lollipop?

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It's a little warmer today and supposed to be warmer tomorrow with the chance of rain. The snow is mostly gone except in places where it's shady all day......like on one spot on the road that is an uphill approach from my house to the other road. Hope it doesn't freeze after the rain, then we'll really have a problem. My solution is to gun it as I approach the uphill section and pray no one is approaching the intersection 'cause I don't stop. I've only had to stop once at the bottom to let "traffic" (2 vehicles) go by.
Doing mundane stuff today. Getting the van serviced this morning. Mayhap cleaning house this afternoon. Such excitement.
Y'all have a ____________ (insert your own adjective here) day and remember: Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did only backwards and in HIGH HEELS.

Monday, December 27, 2010

It's just a bit nippy here. High 20's and not promising to get any warmer. At least the sun is shining. That may warm things up a bit. I hear chunks of ice sliding down the roof. Don't know if J is going to open the co-op today. Really don't feel like going in. Want to get the house back in order. Daughter called to tell me about a fire near her home last night. Also that she had to go to the power company to beg. I can't help her this time. I feel bad about it but I just can't afford it right now. My wish for the new year is that her Someone can find a job. I wouldn't be surprised if that was his wish also.
Y'all have a pleasant day and remember: He who hesitates may not necessarily be lost, just trying to choose the right path.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

White Christmas

I tried to get on the computer yesterday but it was snowing hard enough to block the satellite signal. We had a white Christmas! The first since 1862....I think. Sometime around then. At any rate I stayed in and stayed warm. Did some sewing and laundry (had already celebrated our holiday on Tuesday the 21st), knitted some and watched the tele. A nice lazy day all to myself. Spoke with my brother and my sister (one in Florida the other in Missouri). My brother was by himself since the "kids" were spending this Christmas with in-laws. Next year it'll be his turn to have them. My sister had her daughter and her brood there as well as her male friend and his mother. Chaos ruled.
I'm off to my son's today. He and family will be heading across the pond tomorrow to spend three weeks in jolly old England. They shouldn't have any trouble getting out since the snow didn't extend that far south of here. 'Course that could change, weather being capricious and all.
Hopefully everyone had a good day and able to celebrate with family and/or friends.
Have a quiet, restful day y'all and be glad that the sun is returning and days will be longer.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

So nice

The family has gone and the house is quiet. But what a lovely Solstice we had. Unfortunately we didn't get to see the full eclipse due to cloud cover but we did get to see some of it. I went to bed well before the full coverage as I just couldn't keep my eyes open any longer. I had a bit of a problem actually going to sleep and remember looking at the clock and seeing 2:57 and thinking maybe I could get up for the last few minutes. Next thing I know it's morning. Obviously I didn't miss it.

Yule day we had a wonderful fire to welcome back the sun. It was a bit damp outside but that was good as it meant none of the leaves or grass surrounding the fire would catch. It would have been cool to be able to burn at night (which is the proper time)however night fires are prohibited here. By the way, I'm very proud I was able to put these two pictures in this blog after having been given a lesson by daughter.

Watching everyone open their gifts was a pleasure. It really is better to give than receive. My grandson was very happy. And he gets to celebrate Christmas with his Dad. Wow. Two holidays! I love having the family here and hopefully they will be able to be here full time within the next few years. Now it's off to bake some brownies for a birthday celebration tomorrow.

Have a lovely day and blessed be.


just practicing

I'm learning (trying to) how to put stuff where I want it. So bear with me and ignore this blog.
this is a test of learning skills.....mine


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wow! Everything worked this morning. No message saying "Windows Internet Explorer cannot display the page." Hmmmm.....wonder if someone from Microsoft read my complaint yesterday. Or maybe the gremlins within the program don't want to get tossed.
We actually had some business at the co-op yesterday. Yippeee! I'll not be going in after today until Friday. This morning is going to be dedicated to getting some cleaning done since family is coming up tomorrow. It'll be busy around here for the next few days so I may not get to the computer until after Solstice. I'll let you know how it went. I'm looking forward to the company and the bonfire. If it isn't raining or cloudy I might even get up to watch the full moon eclipse.
Y'all have a wonderful next few days and remember: Live so your memories will be part of your happiness.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


I have had to restart my computer 3 times....3 times! this morning because Windows Internet Explorer "cannot display this page". Including this particular page. The problem is definitely not getting better. I WILL do something about it after the holidays. Vista will be gone. For that matter I think Windows will be gone. Time to try someone new.
It's a snow sky out there but it may be too warm for snow. Doesn't matter....it's just a gray day.
Y'all have a brighter day and remember: masquerading day after day as a normal person is exhausting.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's a balmy 31 degrees and raining. Positively depressing. I'd rather it be cold and clear. Because it is hovering around the freezing mark I'm hoping the roads don't get slick. I'm supposed to go to the gallery today and we're celebrating birthdays. I've made brownies and don't want them to go to waist ...um...I mean waste.
Looks like all the preparations for Solstice are accomplished on this end. All that's needed now is the burn permit and that can be had the day before. I don't think the rain will dampen the rather large wood pile to the point of it not burning.
Nothing more to say today. Y'all have a good day and remember: We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Yay. All packages that had to be sent out of town are now on their various ways. Now all I have to do is finish up the goody boxes and get them delivered. That's today's goal.
Daughter came up yesterday with her packages and we went to UPS after which I treated her to lunch. It was nice being together. I love my grandson to death but it's nice sometime to not have to give attention to a young 'un while trying to have adult conversations.
It's cold again this morning. Wonder when this cold front is going to leave. Looks like rain today. Just hope it isn't freezing rain which plays havoc on the roads, especially since most people here don't know how to drive in the stuff. I'd prefer snow. Actually I'd prefer sunshine and warmth but.....
Guess I'd better get a move on if I want too get anything accomplished. Y'all have a scrumptious day and remember: if you aren't the lead reindeer the view is always the same.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wow....9 degrees this morning. Definitely ice on the pond. Clear sky, sun shining. Don't think it's going to get too warm today so long johns are definitely going on. Now have all gifts to be sent finished and ready to ship. Except the quilt which will be finished this morning as soon as I get my butt in gear which I'm going to do right now so y'all have a toasty warm day and remember: light travels faster than sound. That's why some people seem bright until you hear them speak.

Monday, December 13, 2010

All of 16 degrees this morning. Brrrr. At least we didn't lose power. I might have stayed in bed under my nice warm comforter if we had.
Drove to a surprise birthday party last night...in the snowstorm, on icy roads. No big deal really. I've driven in that stuff before. Of course there were a lot of expletives let loose at the other drivers who DON'T know how to drive in the stuff. The roads had been sanded by the time I drove back home so it wasn't bad at all. All I can say is: if you don't know how to drive in the stuff and don't have to go anywhere....don't. Stay home.
Co-op's closed today so I might get some things done. Wrapped gifts yesterday and have everything ready to ship....almost. A few things to finish and I should get everything out tomorrow. Gonna make more meringues and maybe, just maybe get some ornaments on the tree. Oh, wait....I have that quilt to finish. Sigh.
It's the start of a hectic week.
Y'all have a creative day and remember: Artists make poor slaves.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

We had rain. Wish it had been snow. It's cold enough for it. Looks like the sun is trying to show its face. That would be loverly. Think I might get some decorations on the tree today before heading out. Meringues will have to wait until tomorrow. Also need to get some gifts wrapped and ready to send out. Sigh....so little time.
Y'all have a productive day and ....remember: going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than standing in your garage makes you a car.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Slept in this morning. Taking my time getting going. Went to a party last night that was much fun. Met artists I didn't know and chatted with some I did. Drank two small glasses of C's "almost famous" sangria and switched to water after that as I wanted to be able to drive home (the sangria was killer!). All in all everyone had a good time and the food was great. Unfortunately one of the artists forgot to turn off her car and when she went to leave there was a big problem. Don't know what the problem was but did see smoke coming out from the engine compartment. Luckily one of the partygoers lives close and could give a ride home. Hopefully the problem can be fixed and she can get her car home today. (No comments about female drivers, y'all. This lady is almost totally deaf and was probably distracted, therefore not hearing she hadn't turned off the engine. She's also one of the sweetest persons you could meet.)
Must pay bills this morning (yuck) then it's off to the co-op this afternoon. Am going to try to get gifts wrapped before I go. Have to get packages off to those who live out of state.
Guess I'd better get a move on. Y'all have a lovely day and ponder this: Hospitality - making your guests feel like they're at home even if you wish they were.

Friday, December 10, 2010


Spent the night at Casa de Crazy so daughter and I could go get a bureau (chest of drawers) for Sprout. Success! Actually it isn't a chest of drawers (bureau) at all but an entertainment stand with drawers. It's the perfect height, has an opening just below the top for diapers, etc. and has drawers to store clothes and such. It's also sturdy. A might expensive, but if it survives her childhood it will have been well worth.
Also went to buy a Christmas tree. Grandson picked out a good one but was more interested in feeding the rabbits and goats.
I came home so I could get ready for a party tonight. I'd really like to take a nap but no such luck. Must shower and all that stuff as well as re-stock the meringue container to take with.
Tomorrow morning is pay bill time (groan) before heading off to the co-op.

Y'all have a great weekend and remember: A diplomat is someone who can tell you to go to hell in such a way that you will look forward to the trip.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The outside thermometer registered all of 19 this morning. The heat pump is making a valiant effort to keep up but can't without running continuously. I don't like heat pumps. They might work well in Florida or Southern California, but not here. Whenever the temperature goes below 32 they simply can't keep up. It doesn't matter if I have the thermostat set at 66 or 68. If I ever build another house I'm heating with propane. But then I plan to have radiant heat flooring which will help a lot. When my feet are warm, I'm warm. If I ever build another house.
Have beaucoup to do so I'm off (what else is new?) and running (?). Have a glamorous day and remember: you don't need a parachute to skydive; you only need one to skydive twice.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wow, only 19 degrees this morning. Maybe my pond will freeze over and kill the lilies that refuse to die no matter what I do. Poor fish aren't going to be able to see the sun pretty soon.
I've started on the peppermint meringues and will try to get a batch done today even though there are other things to do, like doctor appointment, errands etc..
Bought the tree yesterday and it's in the house waiting to be decorated. Maybe I can try to get started on that tonight. Time seems to be flying by and I feel like I'm going backwards. So much to do and so little time.
Y'all have a quiet day and remember: We never really grow up; we just learn how to act in public.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Cold again this morning. Wonder if it's going to be one of those long cold winters (which are somewhat rare in this neck of the woods). If so I'd better keep my piggy bank full so I can pay the power bill. At least the sun is shining so it'll probably go up into the 40's. I've taken this week off from the co-op in order to get all my baking done for the hols; presents finished, wrapped and sent; tree bought and decorated; house cleaned. Also want to go with daughter to look for a chest of drawers for Sprout's room. May do that this coming Sunday since the place is open that day.
Onward and upward as the saying goes (wonder where that come from?). Y'all have a comfortable day and ponder this: why does someone believe you when you say there are four billion stars, but check when you say the paint is wet?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A bit of history

When I bought this property I was given a plat map showing each lot, etc. On the map was a line called the Blair Line. (It now goes through the middle of my cabin.) When I asked what it was I was told that it is the survey line of the survey done by a man by the name a Blair who was commissioned by the government to determine what land would go to the native americans (who were happily settled on farms in this area, thank you very much) and what land would go to the the new settlers. Wellllll, the government thought it should take it all and that was the start of the Trail of Tears. This is a very shortened version of what transpired but it should suffice. Anyway....when I found out the history of this place I decided to let the spirits who reside around here know that I was only the keeper of the land and would do my best. I also have what is known as "trail trees" on my property. These trees were indicators to native travelers of where water, safety or the next village were. Some even had hidey holes to put stuff in. I've never found a hidey hole nor will any native american disclose where they are. Many of such trees have been cut down to make room for roads, etc.. A shame but at least there is a small book out about them with pictures and some history. I'm glad to have them here and will never willingly cut one down.
Well, that's your "history" lesson for the day. Y'all have a good one and remember: The earth does not belong to us. We belong to the earth.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The blankety-blank Windows Vista is at it again. I'm so tired of seeing Windows Internet Explorer cannot display the web page. It happens often with this particular site. Grrrrr. Just when someone posts a video or some good thing or I want to comment. Double grrrrr. I have to go out, shut down and restart. Most time consuming.
At any rate I really don't have anything else to say except I'd better get my butt in gear and make a batch of meringues before I head to the co-op.
Y'all have a great day and remember: Money can't buy happiness, but it sure makes misery easier to live with.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Received my checks yesterday from the gallery and co-op. I actually made some money at the co-op! The gallery check was under $10. Glad I don't have to make a living doing jewelry. It's a beautiful day but cold. I'll be making meringues this morning then going to the co-op this afternoon. Because I have knitting group tonight I won't get another batch made today. Maybe I can get a couple done tomorrow. I can only do two batches a day since it takes about a total of 3 hours for one batch. And some people wonder why I only make them this time of year!
Hermit Jim at Coffee with the Hermit wrote about quilts. I have one in the making that I must finish so I can send it out to my niece. I have a number of unfinished projects that need to be done also. Maybe during the winter I can get some of them done. I need to get my basement more organized and finishing them will help.
Time to get a move on...y'all stay warm and dry and remember: You're never too old to learn something stupid.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

In the 20's this morning. Brrrrrr. Clear though and that's good. After we had the deluge the other day I wasn't sure it would dry out. The trenches are still in my driveway.....sigh. I suppose I should get out there and try to fill them back in but it's COLD. Besides, I'm off to the gallery today. Don't know what the heck I'm going to work on. Nothing is selling. If I do get a check for any sale for last month it'll be piddling little. Glad I don't have to count on it for my living!
The friend I allow to hunt in my woods (he uses only a bow) got a deer yesterday. Hope I get some venison for the freezer. It was a young buck. He didn't see the little nubbins that would have been antlers. When I went out to see it I said a silent thank you to it for providing food. I think anyone who hunts just for the antlers should have their gun taken away. Hopefully he will get a doe as they are too many in this area and they need to be culled.
I'm off (always) and not running to slowly get ready for the day. Speaking of which you have a happy one and remember: Keep your butt in the car...the world is not your ashtray.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I have trenches in my driveway. That's right, trenches. It rained so hard yesterday afternoon that the water etched them in the gravel. I was away from home at the time but knew that it was possible 'cause where I was you could hear the wind whistling and see the rain being blown sideways along with the trees. At least no one can speed coming in. It's semi clear today and the wind should dry things out a bit. Yesterday afternoon I went down to the pond to make sure the overflow pipe was clear. Lots of leaves and other detritus had to be cleared away even though the screen wasn't blocked. Man, the water was cold!
Going to get some things done today hopefully. Was going to go to JoAnn's with daughter to get some card supplies but have to cancel that since I'm so broke I can't pay attention right now. It'll have to wait another week. Sorry, sweetie.
Received an email saying that Obama wants to include and honor Hanoi Jane in some award ceremony for America's top 100 women. What!!!!???? That b**** is a traitor and, as far as I'm concerned, shouldn't be allowed to live in this country. Younger people may not know what she did but I remember. She came to a neighboring town to give a talk and, although I was invited, I refused to go. I knew that if she came close to me I'd probably spit on her. She thinks those of us who live in the south all go barefoot and live in shacks.
(Deep calming breath) I'll calm down now.
Y'all have a gracious day and remember: In every deliberation we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations.....great law of the Iroquois confederacy.