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Friday, April 30, 2010

Goin' with the gals....

Today I'm going with some of the "gals" from the quilt guild to some quilt shops in nearby NC. These ladies go once a month and make a day of it. I've wanted to find out where these shops are but was never notified when they were going (even though I asked many a time) but this month I made sure I knew when they were gonna go. There's one particular shop that has a birthday club. If one signs up a discount is received in the month of one's birthday. Don't know how much the discount is but I believe it is substantial. Even though my birthday was this month I won't get one since I haven't signed up.....yet. I plan on doing so today so next year I can get that discount. We have no quilt shops close by so it will be good to know where these are. Plus it is a pleasant drive and these ladies are quite entertaining.
With that said I need to get a move on to get ready. Thought I would spruce up a bit and that could take a while.

Have a good day and smile a lot. Not only does it make people wonder what you are up to, it works a lot of muscles in your face.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Not much time for posting today. I need to get going so I can get to the gallery. Y'all have a fun day.

Apache Blessing: May the sun bring you new energy by day. May the moon restore you by night. May the rain wash away your worries. May the breeze blow new strength into your being. May you walk gently through the worl and know its beauty all the days of your life.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm beginning to believe that it will rain every time my daughter and J come up here. They came up yesterday, J with his chainsaw to cut a number of trees down. Well, he did get the dying eucalyptus cut down but that's all. While daughter and I were at an appointment it hailed and rain at the house just after the eucalyptus got cut down. Geeeeesh. They'll be coming back this weekend so we can burn that big pile out in the meadow (field, whatever) that we tried to burn back in December. We WILL burn it, come hell or highwater. I'm buying fuel today just to make sure.
I enjoy having family up here. It gives me the incentive to get off my duff and get something accomplished. Maybe because I have help. Trying to do everything by myself is somewhat overwhelming. I go outside and don't know where to start. I do get something done, but never anything major. Of course, sometimes the small adds up to the big, but still.....
Time to get a move on. The sun shines and I'm sure it will warm up (in the 40's now) enough to be comfortable outside. Weeds call...(they're always calling...laughing actually). Must....get....something.....done.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Blue skies abound. There's a brisk breeze and the temps are coolish right now. We had about 2 seconds worth of rain last night and one boom of thunder after which the moon shone bright in a clear night sky.
I have almost finished a purse for a friend. The pattern is one I could actually follow! (I have a difficult time following written directions unless there are a LOT of pictures to go along with.) I have done a slight modification to she can use it two ways, i.e. with or without the shoulder strap. It's for her upcoming trip to Alaska.
I actually tagged a tree rat (squirrel to those of you who think they are so cute) yesterday with my BB pistol. Got it right in the chest. Didn't kill it obviously since it ran, paused, rubbed chest, ran, paused, rubbed chest, ran to the nearest tall tree and climbed. Wonder if it will remember to stay away from the bird feeders. Do tree rats have memories other than where they buried nuts? Hmmm.
It's Monday! OMG another week has gone by already. Of course I mean last week. It is so true that the older you get the faster time goes by. I think of all the things I need to do and all the things I want to do. There isn't enough time, dammit.

Soooo....since time is wastin' I guess I'd better get a move on and do something, even if it's wrong.

What I really need is minions.....sigh

Sunday, April 25, 2010

It may rain again today, then again it may not. I awoke to sunshine and hope for the sake of those participating in the weekend festival just north of here that the sun remains. It poured yesterday and last night. When I say poured I mean POURED. It came down so hard I looked for dents in my metal roof. Haven't had a chance yet to check on new plants. I'm keeping my fingers crossed they weren't beaten to death, especially the strawberry plants.

Have a peaceful day and remember: It is what it is.....or is it?

Friday, April 23, 2010

It looks to be a nice day. The sky is blue and the sun is shining bright. Henrietta and Priscilla were by getting their breakfast. The tree rat (errrr...squirrel) feeder is gone already. It only takes two days to finish it off but it mostly keeps the tree rats away from the bird feeders. Other than to make a stew, of what use in nature are tree rats? I'm sure they have their place in the grand scheme of things...sigh...just can't figure out what it might be other than to bother humans.

We're supposed to get some rain this weekend which, in a way, is a shame because there is a festival going on not far from here. Plus there's the Rennaisance Festival going on south of here. Not many folks go when it's raining. And it means I won't get much done in the yard. There is SO much to do that I feel just a bit overwhelmed. Knowing I can't get it all done at once I'll tackle what I can when I can. Where's the HGTV crew when you need 'em? LOL

And remember: Time flies when you're bewildered.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Carpenter bees

I'm getting the house sprayed against carpenter bees. I did not realize until last year that this was possible. I had a big problem with squirrels trying to chew their way into the house in Feb. last year. Found an animal control person and called him. He came and blocked all possible places so the tree rats (I mean squirrels) couldn't find a way in. I have no attic, you see, so if this one particular tree rat had chewed its way in it would have landed on my head. Anyway...he (the animal control guy, not the tree rat) and I were chatting and I happened to ask about carpenter bees. He said he had a solution and could take care of it at the proper time. Cool! So he did last year and there definitely aren't as many around this year. I'll have it done next year, too. He also sprays the house in the fall agains lady beetles. No, I don't mean ladybugs I mean Asian lady beetles. Those nasty things that look like ladybugs were imported to get rid of the aphids on the pecan trees. Just like every other living thing that has been imported to take care of a "problem" they have taken over, especially in the winter when they invaded the house so badly I could hardly see out the windows on the south side. They don't taste good ( I know from experience. Never take a drink without looking first.) and they bite and smell bad when you kill them. I had very few this year and will have C spray the house again.
Now, before you tree huggers out there get your knickers in a twist, I do this to save my home and my sanity. What C uses does not harm any of the plants around the house, etc. If you use any kind of commercial weed killer you are doing more harm than C.

Will leave you with this thought: My life is loosely based on a true story.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

For those of you who don't follow my daughter's blog you really should read it sometime. I laughed so hard this morning I almost wet my chair. She's over at http://kyddryn.blogspot.com so go visit her. She's especially good at describing situations in such a manner that you laugh even though what she's describing is so frustrating to us all. I would love for her to submit her writing to the local newpaper to see if she could write for it every once in a while. 'Course sometimes when you have to write and have a deadline, the brain decides it doesn't want to work. That's what happens to me here quite often. I can't find anything interesting to say but feel I should say something. So I describe some of my mundane life. Enough to drive anyone away. But for those of you who do read this blog....bless you for your patience.

I haven't seen Henrietta in a couple of days. Maybe she's off having baby turkeys? Nah....old Tom was out the other day still strutting his stuff trying to impress her. Guess he hasn't been successful.

Must go down to the pond today and see if the goslings have hatched. Heard a commotion down there the other evening. Don't know what caused it but hope it wasn't a predator hassling the mama. Of course, we have enough geese living here as it is. Seems they like it here better than further south or north, depending on the time of year. Must be because some of the residents who live on the big pond have FED them....cute birds that they are. But they sure don't like the goose poop on their little docks. Serves 'em right.

I think the rain we had yesterday may have washed the pollen down. My sinuses are clearer and my lungs don't feel as if I'm trying to breathe at the top of the Andes. What a relief! I've live here for 28 years and have never, ever been affected by the pollen as bad as this year. Guess I could have stayed inside more, but there's just too much to do this time of year outside. Speaking of which I'd best get going....lots to do today.

By the way....what if the Hokey Pokey IS what it's all about?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rain, sweet rain. Not a torrential downpour, just a gentle rain that will soak into the ground. All the new plantings will be happy. The established ones, too. Hopefully the rain will wash away all the nasty pollen. My nose and lungs would appreciate that greatly.
Was sick yesterday. I won't go into details. Suffice it to say I ate nothing and slept a lot. Didn't know a person could sleep that much. Better this morning. I hate it when I have my day all planned out and then, wham!, none of it gets done. Will get it done today.
I feel sorry for all the folks stuck in Europe. Just goes to show that Mother Nature doesn't give a flying flip about people's plans. Interesting that the Brits are sending 3 ships to bring people back including some military folk who had served in Afghanistan and are now stuck in Spain. and the volcano next to the one that just erupted may blow its top. Sea travel may see an increase. At least between Britain and the European continent.
Well, have to get a move on. It's guild day and I have a bunch to do before the meeting. Y'all have a wonder filled day and remember:

Inside every old person is a young person wondering what the hell happened.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Yesterday was a better day. I actually managed to get some herbs planted in the garden as well as some petunias in an old wheelbarrow. My bill at Lowe's is increasing this month! Had to buy bird food as well. When I planted the herbs I noticed that the deer had been nipping off the heads of the sunflower plants so.....coyote urine sprinkled about the area should keep them away....I hope. Have to buy more. 'Course there's also Deer Away too. I'll try that next if the coyote stuff fails. What with the bountiful supply of hickory nuts and acorns you'd think they'd leave things alone, but nooooooo. One of my Nandinas is chewed almost to the roots! Guess they're wanting greens. Heh, one of the reasons I don't plant daylillies. They lovvvve the blossoms. Wonder if there's something about fiddleheads (baby ferns) they don't like 'cause there's plenty of those in the woods. Someday.....someday, I'll have a garden with veggies, not just flowers and herbs. It'll have a 10 foot fence around it, though. I can dream......

Meanwhile, remember: The earth does not belong to us, we belong to the earth.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Under the weather

I am quite under the weather today with a raging sore throat and clogged up sinuses. You really did want to know that didn't you? I think I'll go back to bed even though it's a beautiful day and I had work I wanted to do outside. Maybe later....

Meanwhile: I pledge allegiance, not thoughtless obedience.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


No not the kind you drive. The kind that fly and hover. Two days ago I thought it was about time to make sugar water for the hummingbird feeders. As it was cooling off I sat out on the porch to watch Henrietta worry the squirrel feeder. Wellllll I got buzzed by a hummer! He chittered at me as if to say, "Hey, where's the food?" When the solution was cool enough I filled both feeders and put them out. No sooner had I hung the first one when the little guy came to drink. Guess maybe he's the forward scout? Haven't seen any others yet. I'm hoping for more to show up and can't wait to be entertained by their antics. They are sooo territorial!

I'm off to the gallery today. Haven't been there in two weeks and have missed it a lot. I miss the comraderie there. Can't remember if I mentioned that one of the gals has been diagnosed with breast cancer. A small spot, but malignant (stage 1). It's coming out in a few days and she may or may not have to undergo Chemo. Seems I know too many now with the big C. Don't know if it's the HRT they've been taking to avoid the side effects of menopause, or maybe it's all the perservatives and chemicals in the foods we eat. Either way, it sucks. My friend's attitude is incredibly upbeat and she is considering this a learning experience. We will all learn with her.

That's it for today, I guess. Need to get a move on. Y'all have a great day and remember:
"If you can't be kind, at least have the decency to be vague."

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Either this web site is having problems or my computer is not liking me this morning. Every time I try to view one of the blogs I follow I'm told it can't show me that page. Grrrr. I don't have time for this nonsense. I'm off to the CPA's office to get my taxes filed and she's an hour and a half away. Soooooo....

Thought for the day: Going to war over religion is killing to see who has the best imaginary friend.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Not much to say today. I came home yesterday and, after going through mail and other stuff, took a nice long nap. I was more tired than I realized. I'd like to say I'm off and running this morning but no. I'm off (was there ever any doubt) to join some of the gals from guild to work on a piece I managed to put together and want to finish if possible before the guild meeting next week. It's a challenge but I'm determined.

So I wish y'all a wonder filled day

Thought for the day: Make the lie big. Make it simple. Keep saying it and eventually they will believe it. - Adolf Hitler Have you heard "There will be change" enough?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Goin' home

Daughter and her Someone arrived back last night. I get to go home today. The Evil Genius is happy Mom is back, I'm sure. I'm glad Mom is back. Not that the Evil Genius was bad or difficult, he was very good and even helped clean up his room. It's just that he wears me slap out even if we don't do much. Just watching him wears me out. Boy, if only I had that energy! I don't remember ever having that much energy. I'll be glad to go home. It's a nice day and I might even get some work done outside. I'm waiting for K to get up before I go. I want to know what her plans are for the rest of the week.

In another blog I read that some people are getting together to march on DC toting firearms. This to show our right to bear arms. Not a good idea! I'm fearful of what is going to happen. I fear someone is going to get killed. While I believe everyone has the right to own a gun, waving it at the PTB isn't the way to keep that right, expecially now that the PTB are trying to take away that right along with some others. I believe a potential dictator has been put in the White House and it's going to either be his way or the highway (or jail, maybe).

The census has been mailed. I answered one question only....how many live at my address. That's all they need to know. They try to convince you that the other information is necessary to determine how much money to give out, etc. Bull cookies. All the other information is available from other sources and they know it. Why do they need the names of who lives at your address? Okay, I won't get started.

Y'all have a beautimous day.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's another day at Casa de Crazy and I've made it this far. It's an adventure, believe me. Luckily I'll get to go home. Don't get me wrong....I love my grandson. He's great at finding things to do by himself which is good 'cause I definitely wouldn't survive otherwise. Must be my age. The older I get the less I like children in general. I have found that I'm not the only one. A friend of mine (younger than me) who has younger grandchildren feels the same way. She is always happy when they go home. Maybe it's their energy levels. Just like the Energizer bunny they are. They never stop. I'm glad I'm only with one. More than that and I might just end up in the loony bin. Hey, I raised two kids. That's enough for one lifetime. Daughter will be back either tonight or tomorrow....whew!

The sun shines, it's a beautiful day. Time to do some weeding outside. It's cooled off nicely and is more like Spring. Oh, I forgot.....we're cleaning the Evil Genius' room today so Mom can be surprised. Well, shouldn't take long and then we can go outside.

Thought for the day: A is A

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Okay, I've loaded pictures from yesterday into this here 'puter and I going to attempt to bring a couple of them over here. Wish me luck....

Wow! It worked! This is an old mill. Inside is a huge wheel connected to the water wheel. It is not working but brings back memories of when I was a kid and we had a grist mill next door.

Well, it worked with one picture. I'll try for another but no guarantees.
Okay, I'm not sure how to move the pictures so....the top one is the Evil Genius ringing the bell in the chapel. The other one....the mill. Once daughter gets back I'll get her to walk me through all of this stuff.
Just goes to show my age and ability to work around these new fangled applications. See ya!

Friday, April 9, 2010

I'm surviving

I'm surviving my gig with the Evil Genius...so far at least. Took him to Foxfire Homesteading Days this morning. We walked...a lot...and saw a bunch of interesting stuff. He saw and played with some old timey toys, got to make some rope. Saw a bunch of log cabins and almost got to do some laundry the old fashioned way. I took some pictures and if I can figure out how to put them up here in the next day or two I will do so. Must have tuckered him out 'cause he slept the whole way home. I took a short nap when we got back while he played quietly in his room (he's good like that). We'll be looking through the booklet we got and I know he would like to go back. I'm glad we went in the morning. It began to get crowded as we were wending our way back down to the van. Tomorrow would have been impossible crowd-wise. Today we could park on the grounds. Tomorrow they are running a shuttle from the bottom of the mountain. I don't do crowds well.

More later..... If yur'oe albe to raed tihs tnahk yuor biran.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

casa de crazy

Well, here I am at Casa de Crazy. I decided to bring my computer along for those few moments of quiet time. The "kids" haven't gotten on the road quite yet. They'll be leaving soon though and hopefully have a fairly dry trip. Liquid sunshine is supposed to prevail today. The van looks like they have packed the whole house. Not their stuff though. Stuff to sell at the event they are going to. Maybe daughter will lose the cough and runny nose caused by allergies when she gets down there. Different climate and all that.

Yesterday afternoon the Evil Genius asked if I wanted to play our spelling and math game. That's where he puts together a bunch of letters and I'm supposed to make a word out of them. (That is, say the word that he has "spelled".) It gets interesting, especially when he forgets to put in a vowel or two. We started with the numbers. Roman numerals. He put down the letters and I guessed the number. Actually this was after he counted in Roman numerals! Good grief! Wonder what we'll do today.

Thought for the day: Be happy you are on top of the dirt.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Well, sort of. I may not be writing for a few days as I will be at my daughter's caring for my grandson, the Evil Genius, while she is out of town. Believe me he keeps me busy. I'll need a day or so to catch my breath when I get home. He is ever on the go and more curious than George. While he is very good at entertaining himself there are times when he just has to have interaction with another person. I'm hoping the weather holds for the weekend as there is an event I want to take him to up this way. The Foxfire museum puts on a demonstration weekend with folks demo-ing things like splitting logs, spinning, weaving, and other daily living chores that folks used to do. This only happens twice a year and this weekend is one of those times.
Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I may not be here for the time I'm with him. If I do have the time to write I'll fill you in on some of the adventures.

Meanwhile: If we don't protect freedom of speech how will we know who the assholes are?

Have a great day.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The sun shines and I'm going outside to take advantage of this beautiful day. Will try to get a bunch of stuff done before it gets too warm (can't believe I'm saying that ALREADY). It got up into the high 80's yesterday. This is supposed to be Spring not Summer! But it's Georgia in April and anything goes. Did get some weeding done yesterday, but when the sweat started running into my eyes continuously I decided it was time to quit. I sat on the porch when eating lunch and watched Henrietta and Priscilla walk toward the woods. Guess I scared them away when I opened the door. The other birds had no problem with my being out there. Now I'm waiting for the hummers to come tell me it's time to put out their food. I may do that before I go to my daughter's to watch my grandson while she's away for a few days. I have to figure out what to do about the plants I started that are on the back porch. Guess I'll just have to water them well before I leave and keep my fingers crossed that they survive.

Thought for the day: The problems we face will not be solved by the minds that created them.

Monday, April 5, 2010

It's gonna be a hot one. Predicted high of 86 today. What happened to Spring? Not that I'm complaining. I just need to get work done outside before it hits that temp. The dogwoods are close to being in full bloom and I'm sure the azaleas are not far behind. Not that I have any in my yard. The deer love them along with hostas and a host of other plants I'd like to grow. So right now I enjoy the daffodils, narcissus, tulips and miniature iris.
Henrietta was here this morning, getting her breakfast under the bird feeders as usual. I wonder if she'll bring her friends back later.
Must get going. A friend is coming to pick me up to take me to fetch my truck which I took in to get the oil changed, etc.

Thought for the day: Freedom of speech means the freedom to disagree.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

It's a beautiful sunny day and daughter and Someone have been here and we've all been working outside. This is how we worship..not in a closed building. I'm a good kind of tired and feel complete. Life is renewing which can be seen by the squirrels chasing each other, mother goose sitting on her nest, Mr. turkey chasing 4 hens in the yard. A good day to be alive.

Thought for the day: I pledge allegiance, not thoughtless obedience.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

It's Saturday. No Henrietta this morning. She did come to dine last evening and brought a friend. If the friend comes back with her I'll need another name. I have one in mind but will consider suggestions.
Alas, my van is still at the shop. I'll pick it up this morning. I shudder to think what the bill is going to be, but better a bill I can pay than having to buy a new vehicle.
Daughter and her Someone are coming up this evening. I'll enjoy the company and will definitely put Someone to work outside tomorrow. There's just so MUCH to do. I started working in one space yesterday. And was able to get some plants given to me planted. My philosophy as to plants is....grow if you want to. So far, it's worked pretty well. The sunflowers I started will go into the ground and hopefully survive. I have a sneaky feeling we aren't through with cold weather just yet. Well, if they don't make it I'll plant more. It's not as if the seeds aren't available everywhere. Shoot, if I wanted to grow millet all I'd have to do is let it run rampant under the bird feeders! I do have millet plants hither and thither at the end of summer.
Guess I'd better get a move on. I leave you with this thought for the day: Politicians should dress like race car drivers - at least we'd know who their corporate sponsors are.
Enjoy the day....

Friday, April 2, 2010

Skipping a day

I'm skipping today as I really have nothing to say....except: no one has ever died from overexposure to education.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The water flows

After taking the van in for its usual oil change, etc. (more on that later) and running a quick errand, I put on my grubbies and boots and ventured down to the pond to check up on the overflow pipe. While water was still running into it a bit of cleaning needed to be done. I stepped in and raked and cleared the debris away from the milk crate capping the pipe and boy, did the water flow then! I believe the level of the pond finally went down about two inches. What's really great is that I spotted a Canada goose (male) while walking down to the pond. Then while clearing out the pipe I saw the female getting ready to sit on her nest. It's well camouflaged so it took me a while to see it. I stayed where I was for a while just to watch. The male meandered around the far end of the pond and the female was as still as a statue. He never went even near the female while I was there. I'm afraid the goslings may not make it once hatched, however. There is a pair of hawks nesting somewhere near and last year only one gosling out of six grew up. Not knowing how long it takes before goslings hatch I plan to keep an eye on them pair to watch the progression.

Now, for the van. I have to take it in tomorrow and leave it. Seems there is a seal leaking oil. Of course that seal is where they have to dismantle this and that which is why I have to leave it. And you really don't want to know how much it's going to cost. A bunch, but not as much as a new vehicle would if I didn't get the repair done. Like I said before, it's paid for and I hope to keep it for a long time. Ah, the vagaries of life.

And with that I leave you with this thought for the day: Never underestimate the power of a frustrated woman.