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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Post surgery

It's day three after surgery and I'm felling ALMOST back to normal.  Still some discomfort at the sites but am able to move arm with no problem (they check lymph nodes which affects the muscle in the arm pit).  There's an exercise they give you to do so the arm mobility isn't affected i.e. raise the arm over the head.  I know the sites are healing because they are beginning to itch.
Post-op appointment is tomorrow.  Will probably learn about radiation treatment then.  No chemo, thank goodness.  Still more tired than I like but at my age it isn't a surprise.  The older you get it seems the longer it takes to "snap" back to normal.  I have a good sized "dimple" in my left boob but who cares?  The tumor is gone and I'm not entering any beauty contests.
What has been the most surprising about all this is...I didn't know so many people cared!  The director of the gallery went the my daughter and me to the hospital because she didn't want K to be there by herself waiting for me. Another friend spent the night with me so my daughter could go home and be with her kids.  She stayed until the next evening.  And K has told me of numerous inquiries she has gotten about me.  I've been getting numerous messages on my phone and on Facebook.  I cannot express how much it means to me to know that there are those who care.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

My trip

Last year I signed up for a trip to Hawaii.  It was a quilting cruise that was 17days long scheduled for 2/3 - 2/20  When I found out about the cancer and had the consult with the surgeon I told her I wanted to take the trip before I had surgery.  She was good with that.  So, I went on the trip.  The classes were interesting.  I learned a lot.  The weather, however, was uncooperative.  We were supposed to go to 5 ports.  We got to 2.  When we reached Kona the seas were too rough for the tender to safely board passengers.  I think the average age of the passengers was around 60+ and there were many with scooters and walkers.  So we gave up Kona and headed to our next port.  Thanks to the weather we ended up spending two days in Honolulu instead of one.  The port was closed the evening of the first day.  The ship had to move to another space to allow the Queen Victoria to dock.  She had gone through the storm.  Her passengers were confined to their cabins (and may have been told to get into their beds and stay there).  A lot of sea sick people.  Anyway, the second day gave us another opportunity to shop for fabric (of course).  My excursion the first day was really great except for the wind.  At Diamond Head my umbrella got totaled by the wind and rain.  Then the sun came out.  It was good to see the sun.  We had had not such good weather on the crossing from San Diego.  And the seas were rough.
I was supposed to meet up with a cousin in Kona...no such luck.  Two other ports were inaccessible due to the seas being rough.  Our last port in Hawaii was Hilo.  It has a pier, but even then it took all six engines and a tug pushing against us to keep us against it.  Watching the waves crash over the sea wall was something else.  At lease we got to go ashore.  A number of us went fabric shopping (of course).  Three of us went to a quilt exhibit, then on to the farmers' market which had more than produce!  It was there I found goodies to bring home to family.  We tried Kona again but no such luck.  The seas were still too rough.  And no, we didn't get to see Kilhueah.
There's much more I could tell you but this give you an idea at least.  Although I was disappointed not to see my cousin and other parts of Hawaii I appreciated the captain's concern for the safety of his passengers.  I'm sure there will be those who will complain.  They should be thankful, however, that they got home in one piece.
Now, if the ship would just stop rocking....

Friday, February 22, 2019


I just got back from a 17 day trip on Wednesday.  (I'll write about that later.) Yesterday I went in to do pre-op for surgery on Monday.  The surgery is for a lumpectomy in my left breast.  Yup, breast cancer.  The surgeon put me on an estrogen inhibitor well before I left on my trip in hopes of shrinking the tumor.  It worked.  Hopefully she won't find anything in the lymph nodes in surgery.  I'm optimistic she won't.  After surgery is radiation.  A new experience.  A friend who has been through it says there's nothing to it.  My daughter is taking me in and will bring me home.
I hated going for mammograms.  Now I recommend them to all my female friends.  To you lady readers, too.  And, by the way, men can get breast cancer also.