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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

More trouble?

More trouble? Just found out that I now have nodules (yes plural) on my thyroid.  I knew something was going on because I have been constantly feeling like I have to clear my throat.  Apparently this can happen when one has breast cancer even if that cancer has been removed.  Don't know what will come next.
Add to that the sister of my friend who has pulmonary hypertension and lupus and...the sister has a brain tumor.  Too many people I know have major things going wrong.  To top it off my daughter will probably need surgery one her left shoulder.  She's having an MRI tomorrow morning.
With everything that is going on I'm busy trying to wrap my brain around it all. It's almost too much.  I say almost...I have plans for good things going to happen starting next week.  I think I'll concentrate on those.

Saturday, August 3, 2019


You know the advertisement on TV about these walk-in tubs?  Well I have a question.  If you have to get in and then fill it and you can't get out before all the water drains out how do you keep from being cold? I wonder how many people think about that when they see the ad.

Thursday, August 1, 2019


somehow computer gremlins changed everything  and I couldn't get in here.  Somehow my daughter figured it out.I've missed those of you I  follow and hope you are doing well.  Not much happening in  my world.  It's hot and humid.  We've had more than our share of rain.  I'm not on my laptop but am on an iPad..  Hopefully I will be able to figur out how to get back on my laptop.  Meanwhile y'all stay healthy and cool.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Hard to believe

On Saturday the 4th my friend A texted me in the evening asking if I could take her to the ER at NEGA the next day.  I texted back affirmative and asked if mid morning would be okay.  She replied yes.  The next morning she texted asking if I could make it earlier.  Sensing some urgency I quickly got dressed and drove over to her place.  One look at her and I told her there was no way in hell I was going to drive her, I was calling an ambulance.  She was sitting hunched over on the porch barely able to breathe.  The ambulance came and the techs did their thing.  I told them she wanted to go to NEGA but was told no way.  They would have to take her to our local ER as her blood sugar was in the 600's.  Whoa!  So we went to the local ER.  There they discovered that she had a collapsed lung.  In went the chest tube and on went the face mask to force air into her lung.  Because she fought the face mask they had to drug her.  And she still keptt trying to the it off albeit in a slow motion kind of way.  I just kept telling her no.  Kept talking to her to keep her calm. After what seemed like forever she was transferred to NEGA and put in ICU.  Even after breathing treatments her lung still stayed collapsed for days.  A CT scan finally provided the reason.  She had a yeast infection on her lung!  And it was preventing it from re-inflating.  Another whoa!  I've never heard of that but, apparently, it is not that uncommon at this time of year.  Into surgery she went where the yeast infection was carefully removed without having to take any of the lung.  The lung inflated immediately once the yeast was removed.  Finally, a couple of days ago, the chest tube was removed. She is in a "regular" room as of yesterday afternoon but she still has a ways to go.  Her breathing needs to be better and she needs to start walking to get the lungs to expand as they should.
Because she lives alone she'll be going to my daughter's when she is discharged.  Just until we think she'll be okay by herself.
Now...all of this came about because she is stubborn and and believes she knows better than doctors when it comes to her health.  Plus she was not taking diabetes meds as she should have.  She was self treating.  Had she allowed the doctor to examine her instead of insisting she knew what she needed all of this might not have happened.  Had she allowed the PA to listen to her lungs she might have avoided this long time in the hospital.  She knows better now.  She also knows no more cigarettes, no self medicating and to follow medical advice.  She's now on insulin for the rest of her life.
She's still stubborn and would leave the hospital right now if she could.  She wouldn't make it if she did.  So daughter and I are there, whether she likes it or not, once her parents leave today to travel to help take care of their son's family while he is in ICU in Illinois (or Indiana) with a bum heart.  Seems like when it rains it pours.
By the way, the surgeon who successfully removed the yeast said they get anywhere from 50 - 100 cases like this around this time of year and they don't know what causes it.  Another whoa!

Wednesday, April 17, 2019


Yesterday I went for my radiation treatment as usual.  I had the treatment, got dressed and as I was leaving one of the techs told me it was my last!  Talk about being surprised.  I thought I had 4 more.  The doctor said that the likelihood of the cancer returning was so slight that they felt more treatments would do more harm than good.  Needless to say I was happy.  So now I get to wash all the marks off and don't have to plan my days around treatment.  Yay!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2019


I'm doing okay.  My right upper arm is still numb but seems to be slowly getting feeling back around the edges of the numb area.  Allowing me to have my arm down by my side was a saver.  I could not have endured holding it above my head any more and would have quit had they not found a solution.
It's the middle of week 3.  Next week is the last.  Hope I don't have to go through it again.

Friday, April 5, 2019

It worked

Yesterday I expected to have another CT scan to see if having my arm by my side instead of in back holding a post would work.  Well.....didn't have to have the scan!  We tried positioning me with my hand down by my side in the treatment room on the machine and were successful!  They were able to give me treatment with no problem.  I do have some new "magic" markings but who cares?  Those will wash off eventually.  What a relief it was to get up off the "slab" without having a painful arm.
Now I don't have to take the Tylenol before I go.  And maybe the feeling will come back in my arm.
All because a doctor was will to try.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Someone finally listened.

Since the beginning of the radiation treatment I have had a problem with my right arm.  It's been numb on the outer top part from the shoulder almost to the elbow.  This from having to hold it above my head and grabbing a bar.  The left arm is fine.  The big problem is that my upper right arm now hurts like hell when I try to get it into position.  The techs are aware of it but just continue the treatment.  I've told them that there isn't enough support under that arm.  I've told Dr. W about it and he believed it was because of the way I was holding my arm, that it was stretching ligaments. He thought perhaps physical therapy could be the answer.  I didn't think so. Yesterday I told everyone that I was within a gnat's ninny of just quitting.  I could not put up with the pain anymore.  Extra strength Tylenol just wasn't working and I couldn't take a pain killer 'cause then I wouldn't be able take the deep breaths they wanted.  Dr. W wasn't there, would I like to see Dr. B?  Yes!  I would talk to him about physical therapy if he thought it was needed.  Dr. B had me explain about my arm.  I told him the numbness had been there since the beginning (we're into week 2) when I had the CT scans done.  I explained that nothing was working to alleviate the stress on the arm and that I thought it was possibly lack of proper support under the arm since the left arm was fine and it had more support.  He suggested we try to see if I could be positioned with the right arm in a different position since the surgery was on the left side.  So today another CT scan is going to be done to see what, if any, impact the change of position will have.  And even if there are changes that will have to be made in the settings I don't care.  I don't care if it means starting over, I need to get the feeling back in my arm and be able to do the treatments without being in pain.   Keeping my fingers crossed and thinking positive.  Sometimes you just have to talk to someone who listens.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

One down, three to go.  I've made it through the first week.  My upper arm is still numb and I suspect it's going to stay that way until this is all over.  Since my chiropractor is away until the end of next week I plan on having at least two more massages as the one I had did help.  I bought some CBD oil and some CBD salve with menthol and camphor.  Both also help.  The treatments would be a breeze if it weren't for the shoulder.  Something tells me that it's going to have to get looked at after the treatments.  Meanwhile I'm going to tough it out and get through this.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019


Yesterday was not fun.  Because I couldn't do the first session Monday it had to be done, as well as the treatment, yesterday.  It was long, at least to me.  At the end my right arm was even more numb and I had trouble moving it in certain ways.  And no, they can't cushion it any more than it is because then we'd have to do the mapping and everything all over.  I'll deal with it.  I went to my friend's house afterward and she put some CBD salve on my back where I can't reach.  It helped.  I'll be going to the local shop to get my own.  I might get some tea as well.  I'm seeing the chiropractor this morning and that will help too.  I may just start seeing him every day.  I also see a massage therapist in my future.  This is only the first week.  The sessions should be much shorter now that all the mapping, etc. has been done.  I will make it through.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Yesterday was supposed to be the first radiation treatment.  It didn't happen.  It didn't happen because my upper right arm started to hurt right away.  And when I say hurt I mean HURT.  It was that way at the end of the CT scans last week.  I should have known it would happen yesterday.  Partly my fault as I forgot to take Tylenol an hour or so before yesterday's session was to begin.  Today I'm prepared that come hell or high water I will get through the session.  I believe it has something to do with my shoulder...maybe.  Then again it was the upper arm muscle that was screaming not the shoulder joint. At any rate, I did a little practicing of holding my arm in the right position (as best as I could recreate).  Hopefully doing that and taking the Tylenol will help make treatment happen today and the rest of the week, and next week, and the next week, and the next.  It has to happen.  Wish me luck.

Monday, March 18, 2019

A new adventure

Today I start a new adventure.....radiation.  I go to have CT scans so that the positioning markers can be put on.  Am I scared?  I don't know.  Maybe a little. It's definitely an unknown.  My half sister didn't help when she told me about her mother losing her left arm because somehow blood vessels in that arm had been hit by radiation causing the arm to literally die due to lack of circulation.  I don't think they did the tattoo thing back then.  Also there's no reason for the underarm to be targeted since on 2 lymph nodes were removed.  At least I don't think so.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

Saturday, March 16, 2019


Wednesday I met with the Radiation Oncologist.  After reviewing the records and examining me he explained what the treatment would be.  If I chose not to do the treatment the chance of the cancer returning was a minimum of 20%.  I go in Monday for the positioning CT scans.  Then it's 5 days a week for 4 weeks and that's the short course. Thursday I met with the surgeon who was pleased with the healing progress.  I see her again in November when I will get a mammogram and ultrasound.  Yesterday I met with the Oncologist who, after going over all the test results, etc. let me know that, because the cancer "DNA" was on the low/intermediate scale I would not need chemo.  I go back to see him in 3 months.  So there you have it.  Needless to say I am happy about not having to have chemo.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Maybe, maybe not

It used to be that if a breast tumor was 1.75cm it was automatic chemo.  Mine was 2.5cm.  Nowadays, though, the tumor's "DNA" is looked at.  So, even though the perimeter around the tumor was "clean" there's still a possibility of chemo.  Will find out maybe the 14th or 15th.
Yesterday I waded through the 6 page medical history sheets the oncologist's office wanted filled out.
Had to type up a couple of sections on a separate piece of paper to attach since there wasn't enough room on the form.  My age means I have a more extensive history I guess.  Only 4 lines for medications (and supplements).  Really?!  Even had to root through some medical records I happened to save from oh so many years ago just to get dates of surgeries!  Added those to the separate page.  Some I couldn't remember the dates of.  If they really want to know they'll have to contact the Dr. who did them.
Will meet with Radiation specialist on the 13th.  He's located not far from where I live.  Hopefully daughter can go with as she has with all my other appointments.  If she can't a friend said she will go with.  From what I understand from someone who has gone through it the only side effect she experienced was fatigue.  I think I can deal with that.
There are so many unknowns it can be depressing.  And the lousy gray, wet weather we've had doesn't help.  Hoping for a better attitude so I can get something accomplished.  I'm thinking of maybe starting the bicycle basket for my granddaughter.  I made one for my daughter and grandson.  This will probably be my last basket as my hands are beginning to give in to arthritis.  Plus I have lots of sewing projects to finish.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Post surgery

It's day three after surgery and I'm felling ALMOST back to normal.  Still some discomfort at the sites but am able to move arm with no problem (they check lymph nodes which affects the muscle in the arm pit).  There's an exercise they give you to do so the arm mobility isn't affected i.e. raise the arm over the head.  I know the sites are healing because they are beginning to itch.
Post-op appointment is tomorrow.  Will probably learn about radiation treatment then.  No chemo, thank goodness.  Still more tired than I like but at my age it isn't a surprise.  The older you get it seems the longer it takes to "snap" back to normal.  I have a good sized "dimple" in my left boob but who cares?  The tumor is gone and I'm not entering any beauty contests.
What has been the most surprising about all this is...I didn't know so many people cared!  The director of the gallery went the my daughter and me to the hospital because she didn't want K to be there by herself waiting for me. Another friend spent the night with me so my daughter could go home and be with her kids.  She stayed until the next evening.  And K has told me of numerous inquiries she has gotten about me.  I've been getting numerous messages on my phone and on Facebook.  I cannot express how much it means to me to know that there are those who care.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

My trip

Last year I signed up for a trip to Hawaii.  It was a quilting cruise that was 17days long scheduled for 2/3 - 2/20  When I found out about the cancer and had the consult with the surgeon I told her I wanted to take the trip before I had surgery.  She was good with that.  So, I went on the trip.  The classes were interesting.  I learned a lot.  The weather, however, was uncooperative.  We were supposed to go to 5 ports.  We got to 2.  When we reached Kona the seas were too rough for the tender to safely board passengers.  I think the average age of the passengers was around 60+ and there were many with scooters and walkers.  So we gave up Kona and headed to our next port.  Thanks to the weather we ended up spending two days in Honolulu instead of one.  The port was closed the evening of the first day.  The ship had to move to another space to allow the Queen Victoria to dock.  She had gone through the storm.  Her passengers were confined to their cabins (and may have been told to get into their beds and stay there).  A lot of sea sick people.  Anyway, the second day gave us another opportunity to shop for fabric (of course).  My excursion the first day was really great except for the wind.  At Diamond Head my umbrella got totaled by the wind and rain.  Then the sun came out.  It was good to see the sun.  We had had not such good weather on the crossing from San Diego.  And the seas were rough.
I was supposed to meet up with a cousin in Kona...no such luck.  Two other ports were inaccessible due to the seas being rough.  Our last port in Hawaii was Hilo.  It has a pier, but even then it took all six engines and a tug pushing against us to keep us against it.  Watching the waves crash over the sea wall was something else.  At lease we got to go ashore.  A number of us went fabric shopping (of course).  Three of us went to a quilt exhibit, then on to the farmers' market which had more than produce!  It was there I found goodies to bring home to family.  We tried Kona again but no such luck.  The seas were still too rough.  And no, we didn't get to see Kilhueah.
There's much more I could tell you but this give you an idea at least.  Although I was disappointed not to see my cousin and other parts of Hawaii I appreciated the captain's concern for the safety of his passengers.  I'm sure there will be those who will complain.  They should be thankful, however, that they got home in one piece.
Now, if the ship would just stop rocking....

Friday, February 22, 2019


I just got back from a 17 day trip on Wednesday.  (I'll write about that later.) Yesterday I went in to do pre-op for surgery on Monday.  The surgery is for a lumpectomy in my left breast.  Yup, breast cancer.  The surgeon put me on an estrogen inhibitor well before I left on my trip in hopes of shrinking the tumor.  It worked.  Hopefully she won't find anything in the lymph nodes in surgery.  I'm optimistic she won't.  After surgery is radiation.  A new experience.  A friend who has been through it says there's nothing to it.  My daughter is taking me in and will bring me home.
I hated going for mammograms.  Now I recommend them to all my female friends.  To you lady readers, too.  And, by the way, men can get breast cancer also.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

New Year

A new year has arrived.  Perhaps it will be better than the last, perhaps.  One can only hope.  Mother Nature is letting us know how upset she is with us.  Not all the happenings have been on the news.  Did you know that Mt. Etna was erupting?  I haven't seen it on the news.  Only reason I knew about it was because I follow BBC.  What about cracks in a new multi-story apartment building in England?  The news we get is selective.  And, these days, mostly opinion.  Mother Nature is not selective.  Here we have had over a foot above the average rain.  The ditches along side my driveway have white caps.  The ground is so saturated that a good wind storm will take down a lot of trees.  I'd rather have snow.  Yeah, yeah I know, an inch of rain equals a foot of snow.  I can handle that a lot better, and it's prettier.  But hey, who am I?  May this year bring you good health, peace of mind, and, most of all, stability.
Blessed be.