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Monday, March 30, 2020

Staying busy

I am trying to stay busy.  I've been sewing, doing laundry, some cleaning, reading, watching TV and movies.  Geesh.  What I miss the most is seeing friends and doing things together.
I have to wonder at the timing of this pandemic.  And it shows just how easy it is to shut the world down.
 I confess to going out to shop at the market and my favorite fabric store.  Yes I WASH MY HANDS!  So far our county has only 1 case of Covid-19.   That may change as people from the cities drive up here.  Our restaurants are drive-through or curbside only and shops are limiting their hours.  but that doesn't stop people from coming up here.  I wish they wouldn't.  It would be nice to get through this without somebody bringing sickness here.  People are panicking for no reason.  They believe that if they get away from where the sickness is they'll be alright.  They don't understand that that isn't the answer.
We'll get though this.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Frustration and sadness

This whole Covid-19 thing is frustrating.  Mainly because the whole pandemic thing could have been avoided.  How?  Maybe closing borders sooner, not allowing foreigners into the country sooner.  I am healthy and mean to stay that way.  When did this thing start?  January?  I was in NZ.  Came back the 1st of February.  The airport I had to go through when I got back?  LAX.  Was I just lucky what with all the Asians there?  I know a lot of them were wearing those white paper face masks.  And the timing of this thing is just a little suspicious.  But then there's always been some kind of virus in an election year.  This one, though, has gone beyond all others.
The sadness comes from seeing the unnecessary panic of the masses.  Toilet paper?  REALLY?!  People buying up hand sanitizer then reselling it for exorbitant prices (Thank you  Amazon for blocking him).  Empty shelves in stores because people believe there won't be any of those items any more.  Fighting over goods.  One good thing is that many grocery markets are now making the first hour of shopping for senior citizens ONLY.
I confess that I am disappointed in mankind in general.  The reactions of individuals says a lot of how  selfish people have become.  It has become "all about me".  My only shopping will be for things I need at the moment, like needles because I am diabetic.  It will be interesting to see if anyone offers to be of assistance since I am over 70.  I plan on going on with my life and if anyone out there needs help will gladly give it if I can.  Oh, and I wash my hands.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Pandemic or ?

All it takes to create mass hysteria and panic is to release a virus.  Is this the beginning of a new world order?  Is that the goal? The timing is interesting.  Also interesting is that there has been a flu "epidemic" every election year.  This one, however, is really raising havoc around the world.  I wonder why.  Why is it spreading more rapidly than its predecessors?  Of course the media isn't helping any.  If anything it is creating more panic.  Common sense has gone out the window.  And who controls the media?  I think you know.
I'll be going about my business and WASHING MY HANDS as I always do.   As for paper products I have enough.
What are your thoughts on all this?

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Learning new stuff

Tomorrow I head to Pigeon Forge, TN for the Mountain Quiltfest.  I'll be taking some classes.....all handwork since I don't feel like hauling my machine.  I'll be rooming with three others from my quilt guild.  Happily we all get along quite well.  Don't really know what the weather will be like although rain is predicted for just about every day.  Temperatures will vary from the the 50's and 40's during the day and down to the 30's at night.  Last time I was there it snowed.  Ya never know.
At any rate I'll be learning some new skills (I hope).
Y'all have a good and healthy week.

P.S.  It's interesting that there has been a viral outbreak every election year.