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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I don't have much time before class. However, I thought I would vent my frustration over something before I headed over there. Some people, who shall remain nameless, have hooked me on Farm Town at Facebook. For whatever reason, it won't work at the moment so I can't participate. I don't usually get frustrated over something like that since I don't usually play games such as that. BUT...I have friends that I stay connected to through that game, dang it. I have just enough time to dive back in there and see what error message I get and if there is something I can do. Otherwise my friends will just have to do without my help for a while. Boo hoo.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Can't take much time this morning as class starts soon. I was exhausted last night from trying to come up with design ideas. Out first project was a pair of earrings (copper and silver) where we used a rivet and a lash. These we were supposed to get done before lunch (I just finished in time) so we could wear them to lunch. I even learned how to make ear wires....yay! After lunch came the mental challenge. Come up with a design for a bracelet using a 6x1 inch piece of copper cut into five pieces. I'll be working on this this morning as I only finished two of the pieces yesterday afternoon. However mentally challenging it is I'm learning a lot about rivets and eyelets and lashings, oh my. 'bye

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nothing today...I'm getting ready to head out of town for a jewelry class.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cleaning day....whenever I go away for even a few days at a time I like to come back to a fairly clean house soooo.....luckily it only entails doing some uncluttering (it's always nice to be able to see at least half the kitchen/dining table), sweeping, and generally cleaning a tub or two. My real cleaning takes place when it is a lot cooler and I can have all the windows open. I don't like housekeeping so I try to keep it to a minimum without having the house look like a pigpen. And since Im the one who lives here, that suits me fine. And one of these days I'll tackle the basement....again. I really need to figure out what I'm going to continue doing down there. Right now it looks like someone's attempt to do everything. I may just have to give up on the stained glass as I haven't touched it in almost a year and the equipment and supplies are taking up space. But then again, I have this really gorgeous piece of red glass I want to do something with eventually....sigh.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Somehow I did it again! Lost the post I just wrote. Arrrrrgggghhh!!! Bloody computer...all I did was rest my hands.
Okay...it's Friday...two days 'til class at William Holland. Lots to do....go to friend's house to see and hopefully take pictures of two totems her husband has carved. Maybe my daughter can walk me through how to get them on here so I can share. Then on to shopping for "ephemera" for the class (if you don't know what it means...find a dictionary). Then on to the evil empire (Walmart) to get some photos printed for the class. Don't know what we're going to do with them but I'm sure it'll be awesome! Tomorrow is knitting class and clean house day. When I go away I like to come back to a somewhat (at least) clean house. Besides, daughter may come up for some down time and may bring a friend.
Gotta get a move on....see ya!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

No blog today....gallery day. Read someone else's.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thoughts on self-image

Question....when you get up in the morning what image of yourself do you have in your mind's eye? Is it how you actually look or is it how you look in your mind's eye? I think this question is more pertinent to older people than young people. For me, I see myself as I looked 25 years ago and when I see myself in the mirror, it's still a shock. Where did that chicken neck come from? Eeeeek....is that really me? And what about those circles and small bags under my eyes....the age spots that seem to pop up overnight? The lost waist and expanded hip area. That can't be me! But it is. It seems my brain wants me to think I'm still in my 40's. It's how I think and mostly feel. Sometimes, though, the body lets me know it ain't so. But I have to wonder why the brain does this. I know in my heart that I'm not young any more. In my mind's eye, however, I am still thin, still wear a size 10 (not for the last 15 years, damn it) and can go out and work in the yard all day then dance all night (not in reality!!!).
I look in the mirror as little as possible so I can keep the illusion.
What about you?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Yes, I'm ranting.

I have a follower....granted it's my daughter, but that's okay. Sometimes I can put things in writing that I can't say. And right now, what I write is that I'd like to slap my son-in-law (soon to be ex, thank you Goddess) up side the head. He is soooooo passive-aggressive. I have watched his behavior over the years and he is, unfortunately, never going to change. Empty promises, lies, convenient forgetfulness...etc. I hope he does not do as his father did and make unkept promises to his son as well as not staying close in his life. He has told me all these plans he has of things he's going to do but I don't think he will do them. Two things he has told me he is going to do that I am waiting to see happen....the first is that he is going to bring RA up to go fishing again....the second is that he is going to get the tent and bring RA up to camp in the yard. I'll believe it when it really happens. And I wish to H--- he'd get the damn Jimmy fixed! It's one excuse after another. I've recommended he contact friends from the track who have a lot of experience working on cars, but nooooooo. Arrrggggh!!!! Can you tell I'm frustrated?!
Hopefully the day of or, at the very latest, the day after the divorce is final he is OUT of the house.
Whew! enough ranting for now. If only he would GROW UP.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Carp.....I just erased the post I wrote for today.
Okay, let's see.....oh yeah...day before yesterday my grandson tried to put a crack in a neighbor's driveway by falling on his head while getting out of the bed of a stationary pickup truck. Luckily he survived and nothing was found awry when K took him to the ER. And it was his first semi-unsupervised outdoor adventure. She is still keeping an eye on him, just in case. Just goes to show how hard headed kids are in more ways than one.
Finally got some pictures of my son's kids via my phone (my daughter-in-law has a phobia about taking pictures of the kids). Now all I have to do is figure out how to retrieve them. I'll ask K if she can since she seems to be the guru of new fangled phones.
Also went to Hobby Lobby and spent too much, of course. Can't say much for the bead section, though. Looks like I'll have to go to the gem show on Sunday (oh darn) to see if I can find some of the stuff I need to start making earrings and such for Christmas. Speaking of earrings, I found a really cheap, simple frame that I'm going to make into a display for earrings. It's a design I'm "borrowing" from a friend.
It's off to shower, get dressed, kill weeds and generally venture out into the world to try to get some things done.....even if wrong. Tonight I'll take on the county commission.....well, maybe not take on, but certainly let them know an opinion or two.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Yesterday was all about errands.....going hither, thither and yon to get things done. On my way to Burton gallery, though, I stopped at Edith's Daylillies and visited with Edith for a while. She hasn't been to guild due to illness, so I wanted to see how she was. We sat and chatted for a while and I got a brochure of all the lillies' names and colors that she has. Unfortunately I never made it there while they were all in bloom. It must have been a beautiful sight. There were some still in bloom and their colors were awesome. I have an idea of the ones I want to buy from her.....which I will plant close to the house so the deer don't get the blossoms. Have to wait 'til I have some extra money, though, as one of the ones I want is $50.
Today it's off to my son's to visit and have an early dinner. His birthday was the 16th and it's hard to believe he has reached the ripe old age of 40! Which just reminds me of my age, dang it! I never thought I would get this far....must be the clean (HAH!!!!) living.
It's going to be another hot one. We has a very brief shower yesterday afternoon. A nice gentle rain would be good. I was too tired to go to the dance. Was in bed and asleep (I think) before the sun set last night. I have too much to do and too little time in which to do it. Tomorrow I have to go down to RA and pick up quilting stuff from my friend N who is working there this weekend. That means I get to get up early, yipeee....since I have to pick up my guest pass before 11 a.m. Drat...another day I don't get to sleep in. Of course, that means I might get home early enough to actually get something done on a quilt I need to get done.
Enough prattling on about things you probably aren't interested in....(my life is not that interesting, is it?) I'll be back hopefully with more interesting stuff (have I used that word often enough?). 'til then, happy trails....

Friday, July 17, 2009

While I'm still not sure how to use all the features of this here bloggin' site, my daughter K has been a tremendous help in getting me further along. So thank you, K. I really 'preciate your help.
Had a good time at the gallery yesterday. Did get some earrings and a pendant done. Starting to make stuff for Christmas already, but now is the time to get it done so it's ready. The snowflake earrings appear to be quite popular so I'm making as many as I can. Have to order some ear wires though as I am running out of the good ones. Also met some nice people who are also jewelry makers. They are from Florida, but plan to spend the 4 hottest months of the year here in GA. We had a nice talk and they got the info on joining GHCA. If you are interested in seeing stuff about GHCA you can look 'em up on the internet. The site(s) aren't quite finished yet, but you'll get the general idea. Also go to artstour.org ('specially if you live in GA) and you'll get a lot of information on artists, etc.
Think I'll go get my gun permit today. I let it lapse...don't know why....just lazy I guess. It's a handy thing to have.....makes me more legal...heh, heh.
It's gonna be a hot one, but I plan on staying inside as much as possible since I have lots of things to catch up on, especially laundry since I've been away so much in the last month. ....Later

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Off and ummmm running?

Woo hoo....I 'm off to Tennessee in a couple of hours. I sure hope it's cooler there than here. I do, however, have things to do before I go. I watered the plants last night, packed, got my books to read, cleaned my toothbrush holder, etc. Oh yeah, made sugar water for the hummers but will fill the feeders this morning so they don't go without while I'm gone.
It's a lovely sunny day....a good one for taking photos, I'm guessing, in the Smokies. The mountain laurel should be in bloom or maybe it's the rhododendron...I can't remember. Anyway, I'm taking my camera in hopes of getting some nice photos. The last time I went (in March) it was rainy and so foggy you couldn't see 5 feet in front of you. I almost got carsick. Had to stop at Newfound Gap to gain my equilibrium back. Try driving while only being able to see right in front of you and nothing on the sides and see what happens. Looking forward to seeing the river rushing and the lush greenery. Then I get to go through Pigeon Forge and Sevierville, oh joy, oh rapture. It's summertime and the vacationers are a-plenty....so is traffic. I'll just put in a good CD, lean back and chill as I crawl along with the traffic.
Wish I had my daughter's way with words. I could make reading this (as if anyone reads it) more interesting. My brain doesn't work that way, unfortunately. Never could write descriptives. Guess my talents lie elsewhere.
It's off to get things done before I go. ta

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

As you have may have read, my daughter K has finally gotten through the mounds of paperwork and has filed the papers for her divorce. It has been a long time coming and I'm sure she will be relieved when all is said and done. I'm impressed that the courts now understand that not everyone can afford an attorney, nor need one if both parties can agree to terms. The paperwork is daunting, but a lot cheaper than hiring someone to do it. I should know, I used to do it. When she called me after filling everything out, telling me it would be anywhere from 31 to 45 days until court I told her she was lucky she didn't live in Louisiana where, I believe, one has to wait a year.
What's interesting is that her husband T connected with an ex-girlfriend very quickly (almost immediately) after being told K wanted the divorce. I can't help but think he'd been in touch with M quite some time beforehand. And he now spends quite a bit of time at her place, including spending the night (on the couch....uh huh). Fine with me....maybe he'll move out sooner and move in with her, thereby sparing K his "oh woe is me" isms. What's also interesting is that he is doing things with M and her son that he never did with K and his own son. He has his excuses, always the excuses the are convenient for him, but I've stopped believing anything he says. I've asked him two favors and we'll see if he executes them.
Okay enough of the venting. I'm going to be getting ready to go to TN to visit friends for the 4th. Their house is situated 3/4 of the way up a ridge and you can see for miles from the lanai. In the morning we have our coffee out there and watch all the birds, as well as the mist rising off the river a few miles away. The view is AWESOME! Very relaxing!
So, off to get the house straightened up before I go. Much to do.....ta for now.