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Wednesday, April 30, 2014


I'm going away for a while.  A vacation.  A trip I bought for myself as my 70th birthday present.  Today I fly to LA, then tomorrow to French Polynesia.  I look forward to seeing another part of the world.  And it will be sunny and warm.  I understand the language is French.  Good thing for me as I didn't do too well with the Spanish in January.  I'll see just how much French I remember.
On a sad note.  My friend in Tennessee is not doing well at all.  I'm hoping I don't get an email from my daughter that she has passed while I'm away.  We plan to go say goodbye when I get back.  Damn cancer!  Her daughter says she doesn't know how long it will be.  Unfortunately the husband, who has no short term memory whatsoever, is in good health so a decision is going to have to be made on what to do about him.  I truly believe that it won't be long before he just gives up since he won't know what to do without his wife.  They've been together for almost 55 years.  When she is gone I will miss her a lot.  She was a good friend and a good shoulder to cry on.

I'll be back in a while.  Since everyone has told me to have a good time...I will.  Y'all take care, stay out of tornados, stay healthy and remember:  not all who wander are lost.

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Took my sister to the airport yesterday.  Her visit was short but it was sweet.  We don't see or talk to each other often.  It's just the way our family is.  Guess it's going to be my turn to visit her out in MO.  We had a good time catching up on each other's news.  Daughter came up on my birthday and all three of us went to quilt guild then we had dinner together.  All in all a great day.  Now it's back to normalcy, if there is such a thing.  Going to get a hearing test today.  Daughter is happy about that.  At my age it's a good idea.  And I do have problems now and then catching conversation.  Of course the constant hissing in my ears doesn't help.  So if I have to wear a hearing aid, so what?  My new TV got hooked up with the DVD player, etc. when my son came up on Sunday.  My sister hadn't seen him in many years so it was a treat for her.  And him.
I'll be going to my son's place on Sunday.  I haven't been to the new place yet and am looking forward to it.
Guess I'd better get a move on.  Going to walk my mile, etc.  Y'all have a gracious day and remember:  Accept what is; let go of what was; have faith in what will be.

Monday, April 14, 2014

My sister is here for a visit.  She'll only be here for a couple of days but that's better than none!  It's great.  I look forward to the time we'll be spending together.  But wouldn't you know it's going to rain?  Of course.  My son came up yesterday afternoon to visit and finish hooking up my new equipment (hooray).  We all had dinner and good conversation.  An early night with good sleep and we're ready to go.  Y'all have a pleasant day and remember:  all who wander are not lost.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

A Visitor

Tomorrow I drive down to the airport to pick up my sister who is coming to visit for my 70th birthday!  It's the first time she has come to visit.  I am soooo looking forward to having her here.  She lives in Missouri and has had a pretty rough winter.  It's been nice and warm here.  Mother Nature is cooperating in a way.  The dogwoods and azaleas are in bloom, trees are greening up and so is the grass.  The forecast is for rain on Monday and Tuesday, which is a bummer since she's only going to be here until Wednesday, but we'll make the best of it.  My son is coming up for dinner tomorrow and my daughter will be joining us on Tuesday at quilt guild.  It's been a long time since my sister has seen either of them.  Boy, will she be surprised!  Like I said, I'm looking forward to her visit so I'd better get a move on and get some dusting done!  Y'all have a gorgeous day.