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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


The deluge we had Monday was nothing compared to the one we had yesterday evening. At one point I thought a tornado was about to pass through. The wind blew hard enough to drive the rain horizontally against the front of the house which is under a roof. And it blew over my potting bench. Hail, yes. Which prompted me to think, uh oh. Did I head for the basement? No. It was a wind shear and a violent one. Unusual that it came from the East, not Southwest which is the prevailing wind direction. I'm going to have to walk a ways to grab the trash can and two buckets that were flung about. I'm surprised there are any leaves left on any of the trees. The dogwood directly in front of the house was bent in two. Luckily it didn't break. And yet, the old mail box sitting on top of the retaining wall is still in place. It's not attached, it just sits there. Weird. Not only did we have one deluge, we had at least three (that's how many I heard and it's hard not to hear it what with a metal roof and all). Needless to say I didn't get as much sleep as I would have liked. I see a nap in my future. This Fall sinus thing is driving me batty but I think it's on it's way out.
One good thing about all this rain we've had is that I've gotten a bunch of sewing done and have done some cleaning in the basement. It's raining again as I type this so I reckon I'll be doing some more today.
Y'all have a great day and remember: Don't believe everything you think.


HermitJim said...

Glad the sinus problem is on the way out!

Sounds like it may be just a tad muddy around your place for a day or two! Glad you had no damage!

Love that saying today!

Momlady said...

Hi, Jim. Glad you came by. Yup, got mud.