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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Yesterday was spent at a local winery, not tasting wine, but promoting and selling wares from the gallery.  There were about 10 vendors there.  Although we didn't sell much we did get some people to wander on to the gallery.  We'll be doing it again next month.  Daughter was there to help and her Someone watched the kids (which takes a lot of energy).  It was a very pleasant day and I look forward to the next time.
I won't be on the computer for the next few days as I am going to a school in Young Harris where I'll be learning how to make some baskets (no comment from the peanut gallery, please).  It is said (by whom I have no idea) that learning how to do something new every year helps the brain stay healthy.  This will be my something new.  I'm sure the skill will come in handy some day.  It also means I'll be getting away for a few days which is also nice.  Daughter will be coming up to make sure the kitteh is doing okay and the kitteh's potty box isn't overflowing.
Y'all have a good week and remember:  all the happiness in the world can't buy you money.

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HermitJim said...

Glad you are getting to have some away time!

Ya know, I've thought for a while that basket making would be great fun! I've seen some really pretty ones!

Keep us posted, OK? Pics would be nice!