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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday is usually a day when I can get things done around the house or outside.  Looks like it'll be inside today as it's raining......again.  The first nice day I'll be down at the pond clearing the cage around the overflow pipe......again.  I've appealed to Mother Nature, letting her know that we really have had a sufficient amount of water from the sky but, alas, she isn't listening.  It's a bit difficult to tend the garden and the weeds are definitely taking over.  I'm beginning to believe Noah may have to start that ark for those who live in low-lying areas.  Fortunately I'm not in a flood plain.  The Chattahoochee river is roaring these day which is good in a way.  Washes all the waste from the tubers downstream.  I certainly wouldn't want to eat any fish caught in it.

The time has come when we have to close the gallery for good.  The man next door wants our space and, since we've had it basically for free for three years, we understand the landlord wanting to make some rent money.  We have to be out by the end of August.  Actually I'm kind of relieved.  It can be tiring to have to be somewhere three days a week then trying to get in all that has to be done outside on whatever leftover days are nice.  And....sales have sucked.  Last week......no sales at all!  People don't go to Helen to look for art.  They go for T-shirts, tattoos, and tubing.  A great number of tourists are motorcyclists.  Don't get me wrong, they spend money....just not on art.  A few of us will get together to "play" at someone's home.  We just haven't ironed that out yet.  In the meantime we carry on.
Y'all have a pleasing day and remember:  what doesn't kill you only delays the inevitable.


HermitJim said...

It's a shame you have to close the gallery, but I know the extra time will come in handy!

BTW, I got the rain you sent...thanks!

Momlady said...

RE: the rain....you are welcome. And you can keep it for a while.