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Friday, June 6, 2014


My daughter's boyfriend was arrested at her house some time ago.  For purposes of this writing why doesn't really matter.  No, he isn't a murderer or anything like that.  The reason I write is because now the neighbors shun my daughter and her children.  When she or the children are outside they go or stay inside.  If she waves they don't wave back.  Their children aren't allowed to play with hers.  They have condemned her as if she had committed the same misdemeanor as her boyfriend.  Guilt by association.  What they don't realize is that it doesn't hurt my daughter so much as it does the children.  They don't understand and it hurts them to be excluded.  The children have done no wrong.  I wonder if the neighbors would feel the same if the roles were reversed.
It's also a shame that J's (the boyfriend) family has basically shunned him.  And in shunning him they have shunned my daughter.  His being incarcerated means no money coming into the house to help support his daughter.  His daughter (who is 3) did not commit any crime.  I help out as much as I can but it has been rough for my daughter, who is unable to work.  The so-called social resources have not been any help even though she has applied.  At this point the only thing I can say is that it is a shame that my granddaughter's other grandparents, etc. won't get to know this vivacious beautiful little girl.


Sixbears said...

The innocent are always the ones who suffer most. Hope things improve for you and yours.

HermitJim said...

I wish that I could do more to help out, but I don't see how I could. It's a shame that the kids have to go through this.

Momlady said...

Thank you Sixbears. My daughter tells me that one of the neighbors actually had a conversation with her! There's hope yet.
Yes, Jim it is shame. One would think the grandparents would at least be in touch.

Barry said...

Please don't publish my comment if you don't mind. I am so flattered you took the time to read my blog entries on the garden at SNCA. I have no frick'n clue how to reply to your comments let alone publish them. I'm a caveman with technology. Clubs and grunts are so much simpler! I don't know how ethical this is as I'm rebellious as hell when I want to be. I'd enjoy getting an email from you. I'm not hitting on you or asking for a child or all your money. This is totally innocent. You were kind enough to offer a tiller to a fellow gardener. Neither of us can be all that bad. Right?

~Bear wanderingbear59@gmail.com