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Friday, January 2, 2015


I've begun to get irritated about all the ads on TV wanting my money. Yes, there are causes I donate to and there are those I wouldn't touch.  The thing is, if I gave to all of them all the amount they want, I wouldn't be able to continue supporting myself.  There's a new one now....Disabled Veterans.  Ummmm, couldn't that be united with Wounded Warrior?  As for the animals.....I'm sorry but humans come first.  There are "charities" for foreign children.  What about the children in this country?  The Native Americans sure could use our help.  Now there are two children's hospitals asking for help.  They both help children without charge....that's good and I try to help when I can.  But don't hound me.  And just how much of my dollar really goes to whatever cause I've given to?  Some discriminate against certain lifestyles.  Some pay their chairman way too much, which means you and I are paying said chairman.  I want my donation to go to the cause not the chairman.  Luckily, so far, I'm not getting soliciting phone calls.  If that happens the first question I'm going to ask is, "How much of my donation goes to the cause?"  Nine times out of ten the solicitor doesn't have a clue.  So, do yourself a favor.  Before you open your wallet, investigate the cause.  Find out just how much of your hard-earned money will go directly for helping the veterans or children or whatever.

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HermitJim said...

It's getting to be a big problem...and one reason I don't watch commercial television anymore.

I do what I can, but enough is enough!