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Friday, April 24, 2015

The trip

The trip to FL was short but sweet.  I stayed with my brother and his wife.  They are great hosts and I shortened my stay by a day because I didn't want to wear out my welcome.  The visit with them was great.  Unfortunately D was not feeling up to par.  Apparently her ulcer is trying to come back so her appetite wasn't very good.  We had dinner with a nice couple who are golfing friends.  Neither D nor I could eat the ribs unfortunately.  They were quite fatty and neither of us were up for that.  I managed to do away with at least one, sticking to as much of the meaty part as possible.  I think one of the meds I'm on is making me not want to eat.  Will talk to Nurse Practitioner when I see her next week.  I also think I'm developing an allergy to the medicine I was put on post endoscopy.  I don't like that I am on so many meds.  Think I will talk to family doctor about that.  If I can go off at least one I'll be happy. 
The old friend I went to see in FL is doing better than I expected.  Although his short term memory is slipping he is well aware of it and trying to take steps to alleviate the problem.  His health issues are such that he needs to go hither, thither and yon for appointments.  He can no longer drive but is lucky enough to have transportation in the form of his wife (they've been separated for 40+ years, never divorced, but that's another story) who lives not far away.  He doesn't want to go into a home but realizes that he may have no choice.  He would much rather have someone come to his home.  If he has to go into a home he'll do so kicking and screaming.  We had some good times, he and I, and I will sorely miss him when he passes through the veil.


HermitJim said...

It's a good idea to get by on as few meds as possible, in my opinion. Baby Sis and I are discussing that very thing with Mom's doctors.

Sorry to hear that your friend is having some problems with memory. I see that every day with Mom. As of late, things seem to be a little worse every day.

Good days and bad seems to be the natural cycle, doesn't it?

Momlady said...

Jim, I don't think doctors delve into the interaction of meds. They just prescribe one for the new problem without checking how it interacts with the rest you are taking. My best to your mom.