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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Laid up

As of this past Monday I've been laid up with a partial break in my left tibia.  It happened when I walked down to the pond to check on things.  I was wearing my boots which have no traction and when I stepped on the top step (wet, slick railroad tie) my left foot went out from under me and down I went.  I heard something go as I fell.  Somehow (must have been adrenaline) I managed to make my way back to the house and up the stairs where I got my purse and then called 911.  I made it back down the stairs and waited for the ambulance.  The x-rays at the local hospital didn't show a break.  My daughter made an appointment for me with my orthopedist for the next day.  His x-rays didn't show a break either so an MRI was ordered.  Sure enough, it showed an occluded break.  The fun part was getting into the Dr.'s office.  Imagine, if you will, my daughter trying to hold me up while I tried to hop on one foot to get into the building (she couldn't find a wheelchair).  A thank you goes out to the lady who tried to support me on the other side.  Luckily one of the two medical staff who were going to lunch went back into the building and got a wheelchair.   So....I've been scooting around the house in my desk chair (just like I did the last time I broke my leg....same one).  Neighbors, friends and daughter are making sure I'm taken care of.  Happily my daughter found my crutches so those get to be used starting today.  Had to cancel a class I was going to take at the Folk School  :(  but will hopefully be able to take it next year.
Something must be going on with the alignment of the planets.  My sister's oldest granddaughter broke the same leg in the same place on the same day as I did.  Another person I know was accidentally shot by his friend when his friend was buying a gun.  Totally accidental but what idiot hands a potential buyer a loaded gun without telling him? Happily the shot was through and through which is fortunate since the bullet was a .45 hollow point.  The victim will be without some small bowel but will otherwise be fine.
Another friend is going through major depression and severe anxiety.  The list goes on.
Enough already!
So....today I'm going to try to take a bath and wash my hair.  I've done it before I can do it again.  After that I'll take a nap.
What's going on in your life/


Hermit's Baby Sis said...

oh, Momlady, I can empathize! I had foot surgery on May 8th to repair a November 2013 surgery. New doctor this time, I can assure you! And, after 3 cortisone shots in that foot - take that Billy Bob! I've progressed to the walking shoe with no cane, but it's still a pain - both in the foot and the backside. Good luck to you ~

HermitJim said...

I'm really sorry to hear about your leg! I do hope you can get around enough to do what needs to be done.

At least you've had some practice with the crutches, right? Careful on those stairs now.

Momlady said...

Wow, hope your foot heals quickly. Don't blame you for getting a new Dr. I love my orthopedist. He just shook his head when he saw me...lol. This is the fourth time I've seen him over the last ten years.