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Friday, November 6, 2015


It's another gray day.  I'm beginning to think we've switched location with Seattle.  More rain to come and that does not do good for my state of mind.  I have diversion at the moment with family here but they will be going home this afternoon.
My kitty, Cleo, had to have some surgery.  She had a weird cyst growing out of the side of her face.  It was hard and conical in shape.  The vet has sent off a piece for biopsy.  She thinks it's benign but wants to be sure.  I'll pick kitty up after the family leaves.  That way it will be quiet when she gets home since my four-year old granddaughter is somewhat rambunctious.
I will be going to TN on Monday and hope the weather is better there although the forecast doesn't look like it.  At least I'll be with a friend and who knows what trouble we'll get into.
Y'all have a pleasant day.


HermitJim said...

Nothing like getting into some trouble with an old friend to calm the mind and spirit. May not do much for calming the body, but fun just the same!

Hermit's Baby Sis said...

Good luck with Kitty, Momlady. I know how tough it is when our furry family has ailments. Recently found out our cat has a thyroid problem, but thought we were losing him before the pills started working. And yes, grands are just that when they're with us, but it's nice to appreciate the quiet when they go home ...
Let's enjoy them while we can. Won't be too long before they can't be bothered to come stay with MeMaw & Papa, but I hope that's just a myth and the day never arrives.