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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Fog and Damp

It's been a bit foggy and very damp outside.  Good weather for either sleeping or sewing.  I've been doing both.  I'll be going on a quilt retreat at the end of February and I decided to take only hand work.  Just don't feel like lugging my machine.  Besides, this way I'll get a bunch of stuff finished!  Tomorrow, however, my daughter and I are having a mother/daughter day.  A friend of ours will be watching the Sprout for us as we go explore unknown territory that has a quilt shop.  Grandson is with his dad for the week so A will have her hands full with Sprout.  Usually Buddy can go outside and play with her.  One of the things we're going to explore is a quilt shop (go figure) in Blairsville.  I've never been there before and hope to see if it has some different fabric that those I usually go to.  There's also a department store that people have told me about.  Who knows, we might find something new to wear there.
The rest of the week I'll be sewing or knitting, maybe cleaning (!?) a bit.  New Year's eve will find me at home.  I'm usually in bed well before the new year is rung in.  I don't like crowds and no longer find it necessary to drink excessively just because one year has ended and another begun.  If you celebrate please do so responsibly.
Y'all have a scrumptious day and remember:  normal is just a setting on a dryer.


HermitJim said...

I hope you have both a productive day and a safe and happy trip! Always good to check out new places!

Don't blame ya on the avoiding crowds thing.

Hermit's Baby Sis said...

I've been going to bed very early myself, Momlady. Gets dark before I'm home from work, and I'm ready to hit the hay pretty soon after relaxing a bit. Many a New Year has come in without me, and who knows what this one will bring.
Blessings and prayers for a better year for us all, anyway.