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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

light show

What a light show there was last night!  And lots of booming thunder.  I couldn't get on the internet so I shut down my laptop, turned off the light, and enjoyed nature's show until I fell asleep.    I could tell what direction it was heading as the thunder became quieter.  It came from the northwest and headed toward the east.  Of course there was a lot of hard rain, which is why I couldn't get the net.  That's okay, though, since we need rain.  We're still in a drought.  I'm not sure I'll have a garden this year because I am on a well and watering last year made it go dry.  Happily the well refilled quickly.  I don't want to take the chance this year.
I love a good thunder storm.  When I was younger and living on the coast I would go down to the beach to watch.  I was really happy when there was a good wind to go with it.  The waves crashing on the shore, the wind whipping my hair, lightning flashes and thunder.  Nothing like it.  I miss it sometimes.
On to the mundane....I need to get a copy of my electric bill so I can go get my driver's  license renewed.  I paid this month's and promptly threw it in the trash which has since been taken away.  Sigh.  I don't know why "they" have to have all the documentation we must take.  I've only been driving in this state since 1982.  And my picture is on my old one!  But, one must be careful these days.  I even had to show my license to have a copy made when I took paperwork to the gentleman who is preparing my tax returns.  Something about tax fraud.  Since I never get anything back, anyone wanting to pay my taxes is welcome to. :)
I can't help but wonder when babies are going to start getting chipped.  Don't laugh.  It could happen. We're being spied on now, especially since almost everyone on the planet has a cell phone, me included.
Ah, well, I'll think and remember the good old days when a kid could go outside and play all day without a parent hovering close.  Being able to go out on Hallowe'en and wander the neighborhood without an adult.
Y'all have a worry-free day and ask yourself:  When is this "old enough to know better" supposed to kick in?


HermitJim said...

I don't reckon that chipping the kids is too far away. Luckily I'm too old to have to worry about it! I'll leave that for you "youngsters!"

Momlady said...

I'm at that age also so I don't have to worry either, but I can't help but wonder what's going to happen to us "old" folks. Glad you stopped by, HJ.

Hermit's Baby Sis said...

I enjoy the thunder, too, Momlady. Although our Mama didn't - she would close herself in her walk-in closet with earplugs until the storm passed. Living in Australia I first came to know what was meant by "rolling thunder" - you could virtually see it moving across the sky. Marvelous!

Momlady said...

BabySis...number one on my bucket list is to go back to Australia. If I'm lucky enough to do that I may just see the "rolling thunder".

Tatersmama said...

Yes, that storm was a beauty for sure! Although it shredded the hornets nest that I was hoping to 'harvest' from down by the creek. I have to say that Australia IS a beautiful place, but I'm so glad that I don't live there anymore!