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Saturday, September 16, 2017

I'm baaaack

My trip to Alaska was awesome.  The end of August and beginning of September is the perfect time to go.  Except for one rainy morning the weather couldn't have been better.  I can even say the I belong to the 30% who actually saw the mountain (Denali). Glacier Bay was phenomenal.  The skies were clear and we were able to stay longer than usual.  I'd post pictures but my sister was the photographer this trip.  No calving while we were there. It's kind of sad to see how far the glaciers have retreated.  While staying at a lodge in Denali National Park we did the tundra trip starting at oh god thirty in the morning and were blessed with sightings of Dall sheep, a bull moose, bears, ground squirrels, and an eagle.  In Ketchikan my brother and I went crabbing.  Not literally but did get to go out on a crab boat, then feasted on Dungeoness crab.  Juneau saw us at the Mendenhall glacier.  It too has receded a great deal.
Unfortunately there were folks on the trip who had horrendous colds and coughed a lot, especially on the bus.  One in particular was sitting right behind us and my sister ended up sick the last three days of the trip.  When she got home she went to Urgent Care where they treated her for pneumonia!  I really felt bad about it since she had never done a trip like this before.  My sister-in-law was also sick so that put a bit of a damper on the trip.  I'm lucky (so far) that I haven't come down with anything.  I credit the vitamins, etc. that I take, particularly Vitamin C.  I take a lot of that.  I don't understand folks who lie on the form before they get on the ship.  They can still get on the ship but they might have to wear a surgical mask to prevent the spread of germs.  Inconsiderates!  Plus there's hand sanitizer all over the place.  Sooooo, if you are in a large party touring Alaska make sure to take plenty of Vitamin C  before and during the trip and use hand sanitizer!
If you do a land/sea trip be sure to do the land part first.  You'll understand why I say that.
I haven't covered every little bit but you can get the gist of the trip.
I got home in time for Irma.  Was without power for a few days but that gave me the excuse to sleep.  The time difference kinda puts me out of whack.  I think I'm still running on Alaska time which is four hours behind here.  Was concerned about all the folks in Texas and hope none were too badly affected.  Didn't have much chance to watch the news so those of you Texans who read this I would like to know how you fared.
Blessed be.


HermitJim said...

I sure am glad you are back! Sounds like you had a great time while in Alaska. What a trip! In spite of getting 39 inches of rain at my house, part of my ceiling sheetrock falling in, and the AC being off for nearly 2 weeks...I'm good. Many others here in Houston and the surrounding area were not so lucky, I'm afraid.

Anyway, I'm glad you are back safe and sound! I missed ya!

Momlady said...

OMG! Had I been home I would have offered you a place to stay! That's one hell of a lot of rain. And, knowing how hot it can get there, no AC would be hard. I saw some of the news covering it and was saddened by the losses everyone took. At the same time I was glad to see so many people turning out to help. I've been through a few hurricanes myself but don't remember anything that devastating. Hopefully insurance will put you in the right. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.

Hermit's Baby Sis said...

Hey Momlady - sorry for the delay in reading your blog. Just getting back into the swing of things myself. We came through Harvey really well, even better than Bubba Hermit; no water in the house or damages at all. We were literally in an island of about 20 houses that could not get in or out for several days, but had potluck dinners and domino parties with the neighbors.
You may have heard that Kingwood was the worst hit area of Houston, and we are between Kingwood and Lake Houston, right where the San Jacinto river pours into Lake Houston. About 4 miles in any direction from our house was devastated, but we were truly blessed. Went and helped out some church families, and some total strangers. When one is blessed, one must pass on the blessings in whatever way possible. Doing laundry is something I had not ever considered as needing to be done after such an event, but spent several days washing underwear and clothes for folks I did not know. Didn't matter - I know them now.
We're still planning to do Alaska next year, September 2018, on Holland America and definitely do the rr trip into Denali. I'll be grilling you later, probably.
Glad to see you're home safe and well. Rest up ~