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Monday, March 30, 2020

Staying busy

I am trying to stay busy.  I've been sewing, doing laundry, some cleaning, reading, watching TV and movies.  Geesh.  What I miss the most is seeing friends and doing things together.
I have to wonder at the timing of this pandemic.  And it shows just how easy it is to shut the world down.
 I confess to going out to shop at the market and my favorite fabric store.  Yes I WASH MY HANDS!  So far our county has only 1 case of Covid-19.   That may change as people from the cities drive up here.  Our restaurants are drive-through or curbside only and shops are limiting their hours.  but that doesn't stop people from coming up here.  I wish they wouldn't.  It would be nice to get through this without somebody bringing sickness here.  People are panicking for no reason.  They believe that if they get away from where the sickness is they'll be alright.  They don't understand that that isn't the answer.
We'll get though this.

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