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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It was a good week +

I'm back from camping with my daughter K. And what a week it was. Her band's concert was awesome. Also the informal ones. We didn't sell much but we had a good time getting to know our neighbors better and Friday night's potluck supper was a hit. We even got someone who isn't fond of salmon to eat two helpings! The trip wasn't all fun and games, though. I got a call from my son-in-law that he got a call from the vet where I board my cat that it was bad news. I had to tell him to call the vet back and let her know to euthanize the kitty. They saved her remains for me so I could bury her today. The weather cooperated while we were in Ohio except for a couple of rains. The trip home was the most interesting. We drove through the largest hail storm I've ever experienced. Most people pulled off to the side of the road, but we kept on going. Hey, who wanted to remain in that? No damage to van or trailer. And some of the hail was quarter size! Dropped off trailer and stuff at K's and came home to find that someone had tp'd my front porch railing and part of my pickup. My neighbor tells me that she saw it and decided to leave it not knowing if I wanted to call the police. Also she said my front door was wide open and she had made sure it was closed. I do believe whoever it was was scared of by something they saw in the house. My house is protected by wards, etc.... 'course it could have been the goddess flags hanging off the rail of the loft. Nothing was taken and no harm done. Guess I'll have to leave a light on or something next time I'm away.
Water, my kitty, is buried in the shade under a hummingbird feeder. She'll like it there, just as Skidmark likes being near the birdfeeder out front. No more pets for a while! I don't think I could take having to lose another one any time soon. That's it for now. Nap time. I'm still trying to catch up from sleeping on a slant in the van.

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