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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Purple hair

Today's the day I'm getting purple hair. Why? 'cause I want to. Sometimes I get red. Not all over, mind you. It's like getting my hair highlighted, but with colour instead. I'm at the age, you see, that I don't care what people think. And every once in a while I like to do something totally unexpected. For instance, in the near future, another tattoo. Hey, my daughter-in-law has three of them, one a "tramp stamp" (tastefully done). I thought about that but decided against that particular area (at my age gravity can do some rearranging of flesh). She also had her navel pierced, but I'll pass on that. Pink hair is her thing. I don't care for pink but for her it works.
My daughter and grandson are going to get their hair done also. My daughter (K) likes (no LOVES) the colour blue, so she gets the ends of her very long hair dyed that colour. My grandson will be getting a cut and maybe a little bit of colour, too. He's only 5, but wants colour, like Mom and Gramlin (me). So, A, our hairdresser puts in a couple of lines of colour for him. Don't know what colour he'll get today. Maybe purple, like me. Blue doesn't take very well with him.

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