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Friday, September 18, 2009

After a day at the gallery a bunch of us gals got together at the Bad Fairy's house to play poker. A first gathering of that nature for this gang of women. Yes, we played poker.....our way (and no, it wasn't strip poker....what a waste that would have been). We also went out on the porch to play with a bubble making machine, danced and sang. Some drank, some didn't. I came home sober. D and I successfully unclogged the BF's sink which decided to clog up for not perceptable reason. N joined in the effort and I have some interesting pictures of D and N which I will only show privately. S got some really good shots of everyone enjoying the evening and I hope to see those soon. She's going to use some for paintings. Wow! A good time was had by all and we plan to do it again.

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Kyddryn said...

Next time, I wanna come play not-strip-poker!! :-) I'm glad you didn't have to call me to come bail yer buts out. :-)

Shade and Sweetwater,