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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm fighting a cold....not the usual kind...nope, this one headed straight for the chest. So I won't get my hair trimmed today. My hair dresser's wife is preggers and I don't want to give her my germs. Hopefully it will be mostly gone by Friday when I have to have some nasty dental work done. Apparently I have some bone loss in my upper and lower jaw bones due to tartar build up under the gum line. Sooooo I get to have it all scraped off and hopefully the bone will grow back. Looks like I'll be chewing on the opposite side for a while. Oh boy.
I hate having a cold. It interferes with all kinds of stuff I want to do.
The sun is shining this morning and there is a fog floating up off the ground. I can see the fairy webs in the grass. Somehow they disappear before I can get out there with a camera. Hmmmm.
Have much to do so I'd better get to it.

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