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Friday, September 2, 2011

The days are definitely getting shorter.  My usual wake up time was when the sun was coming up.  Now it's an hour later and the sun still isn't up.  Wish the PTB would leave things alone.  How 'bout putting the clock in between the hour's difference and leaving it alone?!  Older people and babies don't know the difference and have a hard time adjusting to the time change. 
Will be getting everything together today for the Wine Festival.  Hope to get some pictures of the grape stomping tomorrow.  If I get one or two really good ones I'll try to post them.
Probably won't be here tomorrow since we need to get to the vineyard somewhat early to finish setting up.  The festival goes until 7:00 and I know I'm gonna be tired.  Luckily Sunday is a day off.
Y'all have a decent day.....rain to those who need it and sun and drying time to those who got too much rain.

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HermitJim said...

Hope you get some good pictures of the grape stomping! That would make for a cool post!

Have fun tomorrow, and don't overdo it!