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Saturday, October 1, 2011

One down, one to go.

I have finished the first week at William Holland.  Whew!  I actually was able to cut three stones....an aquamarine, an amethyst and ......a tanzanite.  The last was a real bugger as the stone is soft and easily overcut.  The last is really special, too, since the instructor did not charge me for it.  I don't know what the original weight was (probably about 3/4 - 1 carat) but it ended up at .56 carats.  I finished it just as she was ready to pack everything up and call it quits for the week.  I really was afraid I wouldn't get it done and would have to look at my failure.  On the upside, of course, was the fact that most beginning classes only get one stone cut.  And most beginning classes work with marbles of CZ's.  Our instructor believes you should work on the real thing right from the beginning.
Although I know I won't be continuing to cut stones I'm glad for the experience because now I can look at a loose stone and know how well it was cut.  Also I can now understand the cutting diagrams without going "HuH?".
This next week I'll be learning more chain maille.  I'm looking forward to it. 
The weather is beautiful and I'll be going to the John C. Campbell Folk School fall festival today.  A great way to pass the time. 
Y'all have a good Saturday and remember:  Stupidity kills...but not often enough.


HermitJim said...

Boy, just look at how smart you are getting!

Before you know it, you'll be out there looking for all kinds of rocks!

I'm expecting some pictures when you're ready to show off some of your work!

Ken said...

...now,when i hit the diamond mine state park down south of here,find my 'rock',i'll send it to you to finish...is good to have friends with talent,lol...

Momlady said...

Jim, don't think I have the eyes to get good "rock". Had a hard enough time with the ones here to choose from.
Ken, thanks for the confidence. Don't think I'll be doing it for a living.