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Sunday, October 2, 2011

A quiet Sunday

It's a quiet Sunday morning here at William Holland.  I'm thinking of passing the day doing some reading and knitting and just being quiet myself.  After spending the day at the Folk School yesterday I need the quiet.  The crowd there was almost too much.  I'm glad I knew one of the vendors 'cause at least I could visit with her for awhile and avoid the crush.  It's almost as if there were too many vendors there (at least 200) with many of them duplicates of others....pottery, basket weaving, spinning, soap.  Very few originals.  The pottery was nice but most of it looked like it came off a production line.  Only one basket maker had any kind of original design.  I'm glad I went, though.  Now I have a nice new belt to hold up the jeans that are beginning to get just a little big around the waist (yay!).  And I have some nice bath salts for that long soak in the tub.
Y'all have a nice quiet Sunday.

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