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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It isn't the cough that'll carry me off, it's the coffin they carry me off in.  That's what my dad used to say the few times he ever had a cold.  Then he'd say he had too much blood in his alcohol system. 
I've had this cough going on 5 days.  I finally broke down and went to the doctor to get some REALLY good cough medicine.  Apparently whatever it is that makes me think I'm going to cough up a lung is going around.  My lungs, according to him, are clear.  I'm not coughing up blood (or anything, for that matter)....just a dry, hacking cough.  Soooo, he asked me if I want the good stuff or the REALLY good stuff.  I opted, of course, for the REALLY good stuff.  You are only supposed to take 1/2 to 1 teaspoonful twice a day.  I'll take 1/2 in the morning so I can function during the day and a full teaspoon at night so I can sleep.  The stuff gives me weird dreams.  I have lots to get accomplished so I need to be able to function during the day even if it means I sound like I'm trying to cough up a lung.
Okay, nuff said about that.
Tomorrow I travel to a little place in NC called Shooting Creek.  I'm going to the basket guild meeting and will be making a basket.  How cool is that?  I'm beginning to get the basket-making bug.  I figure I may as well learn something new since nothing else I've made is selling these days and baskets are useful.
Need to get a move on.  Even though I'm moving only at half speed I can still get some things done today.  Y'all have a clear day and remember what doesn't kill you only delays the inevitable.


HermitJim said...

Gotta keep an eye on that cough. Hope it gets better real soon!

I'm gonna have to try that basket making, I guess! Sounds like a practical hobby!

Momlady said...

Thanks for stopping by, Jim. Baskets come in handy for all sorts of things and might even sell.