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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Today is a day I look forward to but hate to see the other side of.  Today is the longest day of the year.  More hours of sunlight and, luckily, the sun shines today.  The reason I don't like to see the other side of it is because the days start getting shorter.  While not a sun worshipper per se I prefer it to night.  I could never live in Alaska, though, especially in the winter.  Yes, there's lots of sun in the summer, but the winters would be terrible.  I understand people up there use black-out curtains on their windows in the summer so they can sleep.  I think I'd have to have sun lamps on during the winter.  Besides, I don't do cold.
At any rate I plan to enjoy this day as best I can and try not to sleep it away as I seem to be doing of late.  Don't know why but I don't like it.  I'm not getting things done.  I'll be taking some B-12 with me to the gallery as it's one of my days to be there.
Y'all enjoy this nice long day and remember:  if you are reading this you are on this side of the grass.

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HermitJim said...

A lot of us are messed up on our sleeping right now. Must be catching!

Enjoy the extra sun today, what little there is!