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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Haven't written in a while.  Haven't had anything to say.  I'm hoping the sun comes out today.  We've had quite a bit of rain these past few days.  This is second Saturday at the Habersham Winery and I'll be setting up, representing the gallery.  That's why I hope the sun comes out.  Right now it's pretty gray out there.  Since my daughter won't be with me I had to recruit another volunteer from the gallery.  Hope she brings something to keep herself occupied 'cause it can be boring sitting there hoping for customers or, at the very least, people coming up to look.  I'll be steering them to the gallery since our guest artist this month will be there.  He is a native Mexican indian from the Chichimeca tribe (I hope I spelled that correctly) and will be at the gallery in the full regalia he wears to dance at pow-wows.
Y'all have a nice day and remember:  No matter how bad your day seems, someone out there has to clean the bathrooms at Walmart.

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