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Sunday, July 8, 2012

I'm back from my visit with my friends in TN.  It was a very pleasant few days and very restful.  My last night there a wicked storm came up.  Luckily there's a ridge behind the house and that protected us mostly from the wild wind.  There were others not so lucky.  When I drove home I saw that the road to Cades Cove was closed.  If you saw or read the news you know why. 
Yesterday I got out into the yard and did a bunch of work before it got too hot.  Need to do more but think I'll wait 'til tomorrow since I'm volunteering somewhere today and have some things around the house that can get done before I go.  Hopefully when I do go out tomorrow I remember to put on bug repellent.  I have bites all over my upper right arm and even found a tick that dropped off my arm to the arm of my chair. 
Well, y'all have a good day and smile a lot.  It'll make people wonder what you're up to.

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CottonLady said...

Glad you're home and had a nice, restful time. It's so dry here in West Texas that we don't have any mosquitoes, but when it rains they will be here with a vengence! Their bites can sure make one miserable!

I love to smile and make people wonder!! :)