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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Quilt show

I'll be busy these next few days.  The Georgia Quilt Show starts Thursday and I'll be helping set up tomorrow.  Although I'll be working I'll be enjoying as well.  During the time I have off I think I'll get Christmas shopping done (ugh, to think of that already!).  I need to get that done now as I refuse to go to the malls or evil empire (Walmart) after Thanksgiving.  And since I'll be staying practically next door to a mall that actually has a couple of stores that carry things I can get for kids, hey, why not take advantage now instead of later?
The show is on through Saturday and I'll be there every day.  I'll get to see lots and lots of fabric (drool) as well as beautiful quilts, notions, etc.  Of course I'm going to spend some money! 
Y'all have a loverly day and remember:  contrary to popular belief, no one owes you anything.

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