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Sunday, February 3, 2013


The ground is white.  It started snowing off and on yesterday afternoon.  It was still snowing when I went to bed last night and, although I woke to sunshine this morning, it's started to snow again.  I don't have any idea if it's supposed to last....I don't care.  I was here first.  It's always strange to see snow and blue sky.  And now the sun is shining again with snowflakes falling gently from the sky. 
It's cold enough for there to be a skim of ice on the pond.  I'll be going down there before I leave to make sure the pipe is clear.  The water's going to be mighty cold.  Oh well, I'll be in sunshine and warmth soon enough.
Y'all have a good day and....I really don't care who wins the Super Bowl, I won't be watching it.


Sixbears said...

There's a Super Bowl?

HermitJim said...

Hard to think of snow when it's so nice here.

I heard there was a football game of some kind on today! Not being a sports fan it don't matter to me!

Looking forward to the trip, I reckon.