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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Took Cleo to the vet yesterday for her final booster shot.  She was very displeased and showed it with two deposits in the carrier, one from each end.  Her ears are clear of mites, thank goodness.  Trying to put drops in is an experience and I learned to have a towel on my clothes so when she shook her head I didn't get stuff all over me.  When we got home I let her out of the carrier outside thinking she might want to be in the fresh air.  Nope....she followed me in and went up to her bed in my room where she stayed for half the day.  When I went to check on her she just gave this look as if to say, "I am not happy with you right now."  Later she came down and asked to go out.  This time she recovered a lot quicker from the trauma.  No more trips, hopefully, until next year. 
Daughter is coming up today.  She has a doctor appointment then we'll have lunch and go shopping.  I do enjoy my Tuesdays with her.  We don't always go out.  Sometimes we just stay here and knit, sew, or watch a movie.  It's nice to have her all to myself sans enfants.
Y'all have a delicious day and remember:  Thank your food before you eat.

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HermitJim said...

Not many pets like going to the vets, I think. I'm glad that everything worked out well!

Nice to have a little "grown-up" time with the daughter! It's hard to have a quite visit with the kiddo's around, I reckon!