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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Rain, rain

It's raining.....again.  My driveway hasn't been "fixed" so this rain just adds to the adventure trying to drive in or out.  Whenever I read Hermit Jim's blog and he says it's raining then I can expect rain in about three days.  No one can say we are in a drought.  I'm not getting any yard work done.  It's so dark and gray I don't really feel like doing anything but the laundry won't wait and I have a basket to finish.
It rained yesterday but a friend, my grandson and I went to a local pow-wow anyway.  The rain was on and off, not hard.  Looked at some of the crafts, etc.  My grandson and I danced in the circle when the public was invited.  He found some kids to play with while A and I listened to a young man play flute, then listened to a performance by Women of Heart.  Grand entry brought tears to my eyes...don't know why.
Guess I'd better get a move on.  Laundry doesn't do itself. 
Y'all have a quiet day and stay dry.   

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