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Friday, February 20, 2015

It's Cold!

I live in Georgia.  It isn't supposed to get this cold.  Monday, in the middle of the night, the power went out due to trees on power lines.  Ice storm.  We've had them before.  I was without power for 16 hours.  Some are still without.  The temperature in the house plummeted but I was able to keep it bearable with a fire in the fireplace and one in the wood stove in the basement.  Also a lot of clothing and quilts over the lap.  It's still bitterly cold for this part of the country.  Into the single digits night before last and into the low double digits last night.  My heat pump had to really struggle once the power came back on and finally reached temperature yesterday afternoon.  I broke down and bought a heater to put in one room simply because it was not getting warmed up to my liking.  I live in a log house and can feel the cold coming in from between some of the logs.  It's also the room that has my computer in it and the computer doesn't like the cold.  I've been avoiding going out if possible.  I don't like the cold, can you tell?  Today I have an appointment about 45 minutes away so I'll be warming up my van well before I leave.  Luckily the skies look clear and even though it was in the low twenties this morning I should be warm enough in the van.  I'll look like the Michelin man with all the layers of clothing I'll have on but I'll be warm!
My hope is that those folks who have it worse than I will be safe and with power and warmth soon.  I keep telling myself that I am so lucky not to be living in New England right now.   Have I told you lately that I hate winter?


westside mom said...

LOL! At 6 am this morning in my neck of SE Michigan it was -21.9 and as I hear it the temps were still dropping. Hahaha I went back to bed to stay warm under the covers until husband had reloaded the wood stove. We have hot water heat and while we don't use it as a general rule I turned it on last night as I didn't want there to be even a hint of those pipes freezing. Can you say BRRRRRRRR!

HermitJim said...

Dang! Sounds like you should come south for a while!

I don't care for the cold much myself!

Momlady said...

Hey, Westside Mom....I have a friend who lives in Michigan and I know y'all have been having unusually cold weather. Guess it was warm here compared to you. Hope you stay warm.
Jim....would love to head south but have obligations here. Be assured that next year I'll make different plans.