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Friday, June 10, 2016

This and that

Here we are almost halfway through the year already!  I believe it when it is said that time goes by faster the older you get.
The garden flourishes, except for the squash.  Don't know what's with them.  Will have beans, tomatoes, peppers and melons before you know it.  The asparagus are doing great.
Have my yearly physical coming up.  Then my daughter's second dentist appointment.  The last for a while I hope.  It's getting expensive.
Already planning what to take on my next trip.  Will try to pare it down.  One suitcase and one carry on.  The trip isn't 'til August but that will be here soon.  Two weeks worth of clothing.  Guess I'll plan on wearing items more than once.
Y'all have a glorious day.


Hermit's Baby Sis said...

Is this trip for a class as well, Momlady? Glad to hear you're feeling up to doing another. We miss hearing from you, but delighted to hear you're up and doin' ~

HermitJim said...

Picking out the wardrobe should be easy, depending on where the cruise is headed. I guess that's one place where men have it easier than women. We don't seem to need as much, but then we don't pay as much attention to how we look as women do. Could be that is why they always look better than men.

Momlady said...

The trip is for quilting and I am SO glad I'm feeling better. Glad you stopped by.