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Friday, September 23, 2016

I don't visit here a much as I used to.  Most of those I follow(ed) are not here any more.  Maybe they went to Facebook or Spotify or Twitter.  All I know is that those of you who are still here make me come back.  I haven't anything interesting to say right now.  Politics only make people angry (and with the two candidates rightly so).  At the moment my life is pretty boring, which is fine for me.  I'm trying to get some projects done...sewing, knitting, cleaning.  Nothing exciting. Still don't have pictures from my trip.  Maybe this weekend.  It's still summer weather here.  One of my neighbors is in Vermont...has been for a month now.  He's avoided the hot weather, and I do mean hot.  The garden is still producing tomatoes although I don't know how since we haven't had enough rain.  I'll be going out there this morning to water.  And pick.
Y'all have a cool day day.  And don't get all het up over the politicians.  It will be what it will be.

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Hermit's Baby Sis said...

Glad to see you again! My life has been so hectic that I have to look at the calendar to see which direction to go each day. But, no blog for me, even though Big Brother Hermit keeps telling me I should.
I enjoy keeping up with "friends" on blogs, and do notice when you're not here, but I totally understand. Sometimes I think my life is so boting, though busy, that no one else would care to hear about it anyway. Or else I;m just bragging about grandson Henry, and everyone has their own objects of bragger (is that a word?), so they don't need mine.
Ooops - think I just wrote a blog entry!