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Thursday, September 29, 2016

It's cooler.

It was downright chilly this morning!  Slept with some windows open and needed bathrobe and slippers when I got up.  Hopefully the high temps are mostly behind us now.  It'll get up into the low 80's for the next couple of days at least, then back into the 90's perhaps by the weekend.  Who knows.  As the saying goes, "just wait 5 minutes."  I'm just glad for the cooler days while they're here.
Not much going on in this neck of the woods (HJ, maybe you can tell us where that phrase came from).  The tomatoes are still coming in and I'm going out to the garden this morning to harvest some.      Hoping to find some good recipes for them as I have a LOT of them.  I've put a bunch in the freezer so I'll make a sauce or something with 'em.  My friend D brought me some sauce she made.  Because of the color of the tomatoes it looks kind of funky but tastes yummy.  Perhaps I'll get her recipe and make my own.
Took me a while to go to sleep last night.  Don't know why.  Woke up at the usual time but still feel tired.  Think I'll take me a nap this afternoon.  Going to try to get something done, even if it's wrong.  I suppose I could do some house cleaning .... on the other hand...maybe not.  Well, it's off to the garden.  Y'all have a most pleasant day and remember:  he who dies with the most toys...is still dead.

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Hermit's Baby Sis said...

Yeah, cooler here, too, Momlady. And we also expect one more warmer spell before autumn temps settle in. I'll take it - we've had a few years of delightful Fall here.
And I, too, love those catalogs ...