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Monday, November 7, 2016


Autumn, or fall, is in the air.  This morning was crisp with blue skies as opposed to yesterday which was smoky.  Yesterday I drove north to Franklin, NC to an open house at a quilt shop.  The further north I drove the heavier the smoke.  Someone had to have been careless with a cigarette or was burning and it got out of control.  I can still smell smoke when I open my front door.  We have a severe drought going on so if anyone was burning it had to be without permission.  We are under a ban here in North Georgia.
Autumn is the correct name for this time of year so where did the term Fall came from?  Perhaps because temperatures fall?
I don't mind the cooler weather too much.  What I do mind is the time change.  I wish it were left alone.  Leave it alone or perhaps put it in the middle and leave it alone.  Us older folk don't do well with it.   Babies and animals don't have a clue.  Their schedules don't change.  Seems like just when my body and brain get used to one it gets changed.  This year we were on DST longer than last year.  Does this mean the powers that be are working toward finally leaving it there?  Geeesh.
Y'all have a pretty day and remember:  Lazy is such an ugly word.  I prefer selective participation.


Hermit's Baby Sis said...

Hey Momlady. I'm ready for Autumn, too. I always thought "Fall" came from the fact that that's what all the leaves do about now. Cooler here, too, finally - they say this is really it, and temps should progress downward from here. Hope so! Even got some good rain yesterday and last night, and a little more predicted for today.
Things (at least in the weather area) are looking up - or is that down?
Have a good one ~

HermitJim said...

The temps are about right for me, after the endless Summer we have had. I feel the same as you about the time change. leave it alone!

Momlady said...

Hey, Baby Sis, send some of that rain this way please. WE are desperate here.
Thanks for stopping by, HJ. Think if enough of us complain "they'll" leave time alone?